Beverly Hills Cop II

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Visible crew/equipment: When the trio are driving to the City Deposit/Federal Reserve Bank, in the shot just before hitting the white/red booth, the extended crane arm with the second camera and seated cameraman are visible behind the booth (for filming from opposite angle). (01:03:25)

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Axel Foley: Well, sir, you have 25 unpaid parking tickets and it's your car, so we have to take you in.
Sidney Bernstein: Wait a second, I've got an idea. Is there something that I have, in this office, that I could hand to you and that would, make you...kinda forget that you're holding those, uh, little pink tickets there?
Axel: What are you trying to say, sir?
Sidney: Like, you'd be holding something in that hand, and this hand you'd forget about. This hand you'd be concentrating on. That hand you'd go, what, what did I have there? I don't even remember.
Axel: What, you mean, like, if I had um... $200 in this hand?
Sidney: Ouch! Let go of my arm. $200? Ouch! Please, I'm robbing you. That's what I'm doing. Here's one, here's two. They're real crisp.


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Trivia: The cement truck that Billy drives has a sticker saying DS/JB Construction Company. DS and JB stand for the film's producers, Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer.

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