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The Sweeney (2012)

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Visible crew/equipment: As Jack and George enter the boat site they hide behind a red Jaguar XFR. As the camera moves round the camera man is visible in the chrome-work on the Jaguar. (01:35:20)

Character mistake: When Francis Allen is being interviewed by Reagan, Allen presents Reagan cell phone pictures of himself on a yacht to support his alibi. Allen says "the time and date are on the top of the screen, you saw that, didn't you Reagan?" and Reagan agrees. However the date is seen at the bottom of the screen, not the top.

Continuity mistake: When fighting with Allen in the boat scene, Regan has two right arms. In shots where Regan's face appears, he has a gun in his right hand with which he hits Allen. In shots where Allen's face appears, Allen's neck is held by Regan's right hand too. (01:40:30 - 01:42:00)

Continuity mistake: When Carter is in the interview room with Allen he looks at the clock and it reads 09.30am after Regan releases him Regan goes to the Sweeney office and sits at his desk, Carter looks at his watch and it says 09.00. (00:54:10 - 00:58:30)

DI Jack Regan: We've gotta flop on that jug that Harry was talking about.

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Trivia: The car chase at the end involves a Ford and a Jaguar, an homage to the TV series where Reagan and Carter would drive a Ford Granada and the villain a classic Mk 2 Jaguar.

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