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Pygmoelian - S11-E16

Corrected entry: When Homer puts the family through an early morning fire drill and rushes them out to the car and drives away they are all in their respective sleeping clothes. However, when they pull up at the Duff Festival they are in their regular clothes, and knowing Homer he wouldn't think far enough ahead to bring a change of clothes for everyone.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: There is nothing to say Homer didn't put clothes in the car. He planned to make the trip to Duff day as quickly as possible. Homer even planned ahead to take the door latches off to ensure no one would escape, meaning this was no spur of the moment decision. There was also enough time between the time they left and arrived at Duff day to have put some clothes on in between.

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Pygmoelian - S11-E16

Corrected entry: On the way to the beer festival, Homer took the door handles. How could Bart and Lisa get out of the car?

Correction: We don't know what happened after the initial part of the journey. As we see when they get out they are also dressed in normal clothes meaning we don't know whether the handles were put back on, whether Homer fixed the doors etc.

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[The Simpsons are driving down a road as fast as possible.]
Homer: Dear God, it's Homer. If you really love me you'll save my life now.
[The gas needle immediately drops to empty and the car stops.]
Homer: D'oh.



This is a mistake for the introduction for the later episodes. When Homer screams, he turns round. You see this in a wide shot. There are no boxes to the right of the door in the garage. However, two just appear out of thin air when he runs through the garage.



The Simpsons holds the record for most guest stars; it is also the only non-variety show to have had appearances from three former Beatles (Paul, George and Ringo).