29th Apr 2022

The Fall Guy (1981)

21st Mar 2022

Bruised (2021)

Character mistake: During the opening fight Jackie lands a punch on her opponent just after the round ends. The referee should've warned her about this as it's illegal in MMA to do this, and he didn't.


28th Dec 2021

Blind Fear (1989)

Character mistake: Despite being blind, Erika Breen's able to locate light switches and door knobs throughout the movie without feeling for them like a blind person would do.


Character mistake: When Darcy walks into the police station the chief calls her Joan, the lead actress' real name, by mistake.


20th Sep 2021

Three's Company (1977)

15th Sep 2021

Personal Vendetta (1995)

Character mistake: When Bonnie cuffs her first arrest she mistakenly cuffs the guy in front instead of cuffing his hands behind his back.


24th May 2021

Seinfeld (1990)

The Library - S3-E5

Character mistake: When Marion mentions Mr Bookman she says he'd been on the job for 25 years. Yet later on he tells Jerry he's been on the job since 1971, which in 1991 makes it 20 years.


7th May 2021

I Love Lucy (1951)

Lucy Writes a Novel - S3-E23

Character mistake: When Fred, Ethel, and Ricky confront Lucy on what she wrote about them in her novel Ricky states "I'm so hammy I should go lie down between two slices of rye bread." This is incorrect. Lucy wrote "He turned into such a big ham you could stuff him with cloves."


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Suggested correction: Archimedes was trying to be helpful when he pointed out the sword so Merlin could take it to the tournament. But after it became a big issue with the rays from heaven and the legend, Archimedes thought he might get in trouble so tried to act innocent by fibbing. It was deliberate and in character, not a character mistake.


Character mistake: Given Billy still remembered and recognized him it seems strange Kate doesn't when she mistakes Daffy for Gizmo.


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Suggested correction: Billy spent significantly more time bonding with Gizmo in the first movie - days and days. By contrast Kate had very little actual time with him.


18th Nov 2020

Game Change (2012)

Character mistake: It's said in the movie a vice presidential candidate never gave a concession speech. Geraldine Ferraro did this in 1984.


5th Sep 2020

Alien from L.A. (1988)

20th Aug 2020

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Character mistake: The Sheriff calls for Drayton Sawyer to bring out his son Jed (Leather Face) in the movie's opening scene. But it's long been established that they're brothers.


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Suggested correction: This is meant to be a direct sequel to the original film, and ignores the other sequels. And if memory serves correctly, the first movie never made any mention of them being brothers. (I just checked and the Texas Chainsaw fandom Wiki backs this up - the original film makes no reference to them being brothers.) So therefore, it is not a mistake if this movie re-writes him as being Leatherface's father.


3rd Jul 2020

Monk (2002)

2nd Apr 2020

Monk (2002)

Character mistake: Andy speaks of Billy changing in the two months after he was hired when he was hired in the spring months ago.


6th Mar 2020

Problem Child (1990)

12th Feb 2020

Delirious (1991)

Character mistake: One of Jack's fellow producers starts choking on a pickle, the other knows this yet says it's a sandwich she's choking on.


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