22nd May 2017

Mr. Magoo (1997)

Question: So, just to be clear, the money Peru's men were giving to Luanne was fake?

Answer: If it was then they wouldn't have tried killing her after she was paid.


28th Mar 2022

Family Guy (1999)

Show generally

Question: When did Quagmire start hating Brian? In earlier seasons it shows Quagmire and Brian getting along fine but, several seasons later, Quagmire now hates Brian.

Answer: It's explained in Season 7 Episode 8 that he hates him for his pompous nature, his liberal attitude, his arrogance towards God believing people, and that he see him as a sad, alcoholic, bore.


That answers the "why" but not really the "when." Brian's personality didn't really change, so when did Quagmire start hating him?


For all we know, Quagmire might have disliked Brian shortly after they first met. Maybe he kept his feelings to himself for a while, due to his friendships with Peter, Lois, Joe, Cleveland, and others who associate with Brian. There are some people who I dislike, but I don't want unnecessary tension among people who we both know.

Maybe always, but he was too polite to say anything for years. Hey I started hating my mother for her arrogant bigoted attitude when I was 18 but didn't say anything for years.


Answer: Given how succinctly he nails Brian, we can presume that Quagmire has never liked Brian and has only now put it into words.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: Why does Shredder wants to poison the citizens of New York in order to take over?


Answer: Some would die by exposure and the city officials would immediately offer The Foot anything they wanted in hopes it would stop them from further using the biological weapon or any others they've got if possible.


9th Jul 2021

Halloween (2007)

Answer: He knew she was Laurie's friend.

But he didn't spare Lynda, and she was also Laurie's friend.


Annie was either bait or he just had not finished yet.

Okay my mistake but did they decline returning or what?


Answer: To add to the previous answer, Elisabeth Shue went back to Harvard to continue her studies which is why she doesn't appear in the sequel.

Answer: Ali was originally only supposed to have a very small role in Part 2. Elizabeth Shue declined to reprise the role because she was studying at Harvard at the time. I can't find any explanation online as to why Randee Heller was not in Part 2 and was barely in Part 3.


Answer: Like all studio executives they think mixing things up by bringing in new characters into different settings would keep the franchise fresh. Most of the sequels from the 1980's were given minor or major cast changes.

4th Sep 2021

Halloween II (1981)

Question: Why would Laurie ever go and visit Michael in the asylum?


Answer: Maybe she wanted to see her brother and was too young to "understand" the severity of what he did? Maybe her adoptive family thought it would be good for her to try and have some sort of relationship with her brother so they took her to visit him? Etc. Pick your poison. There's any number of valid reasons why the relative of a criminal might go to visit their family member in prison or an asylum.


Answer: She didn't, the movie picks up were the first one left off, on the same night. She went directly to the hospital and stayed there all night.

No I mean when she's in the hospital. She dreams that she's visiting him at Smith's Grove.


10th Jan 2022

The Woman in Red (1984)

Question: What caused Joey to scream and swear when he came home to an empty house?

Answer: The fact that his wife left him with nothing.


Why did his wife leave him? Was she cheating on him?

2nd Jan 2022

Batman: Arkham Origins

Question: When Batman and Alfred look at the memory card and come across Slade Wilson, Batman says that Slade's part of a failed experiment. In what way was the experiment a failure considering how efficient a killer Slade is?

Answer: Maybe it's because he's a loose cannon who kills for money.


26th Nov 2021

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Answer: Yes. Because the symbiote knows all his secrets and weaknesses it's not only able to mimic his powers but has adapted to combat his spider-sense.


Question: Did Tina's opening memory of her father drowning happen before or after Jason being anchored to the bottom of the lake by Tommy? I know that they showed him in that scene, but that was for the audience's sake, letting them know that it was the same lake from 6. Was he there when Tina "killed" her father, or did it happen at a later time before Tina and her mother returned after all those years?

Answer: Jason was long dead and buried in the lake when Tina accidentally killed her father.


Question: Since Roy was Joey's biological father, how is this possible that he never tried to make any contact with his son? I mean, why didn't he even try to talk to him?

Answer: Several possibilities: 1 The mother requested he not make any contact, 2 They could've moved away, and he lost contact until then, 3 He may have been drafted into the army, and she could've divorced him during his time away and moved into whatever state this is located.


Question: What's the deal with the awful looking costumes in this movie? Were the costumes from the previous two no longer available?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Jim Henson's Creature Shop didn't work on the third entry, so they went with someone else.


Why would Jim Henson's Creature Shop have to specifically work on the film? There were already existing suits. Shouldn't the studio have owned the suits, or did Jim Henson's Creature Shop only provide them on a rental basis?

Phaneron Premium member

All Effects was the company that provided the suits for the 3rd film. They had similar technology as Jim Henson's Creature Shop but underbid Jim Henson's Creature Shop to get the job.


19th Jul 2021

The Nanny (1993)

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Question: This might be a stupid question, but why do all three of the children speak in typical American voices? Wouldn't their speech have a British influence because of their father, and also Niles?

Answer: Children's brains and language skills are still developing at that age and they adapt to the environment they live in. My former boss was born in England and moved to the US at about eight years old. She completely lost her British accent by her teens, even though her parents still spoke as typical English citizens. A Japanese co-worker and his wife, also Japanese, spoke English as their second language. Their two children learned both English and Japanese simultaneously while growing up and spoke each language with the appropriate accent.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Kids tend to take on the accident of where they live. I once had a British student who lost his accent after a couple of years in the US.

Brian Katcher

Not just where they live, but also after their peers (who live there, but you know what I mean).


Answer: Not necessarily. Their late mother being American would've probably made the most impact on their speech, considering most kids spend most of their early years more with their mothers than fathers.


Gracie is young enough that she doesn't remember her mother. The episode "I Don't Remember Mama" was about this.

Question: So when we see Cheetah again she's sitting there seemingly human once more. Does she still have her other powers?


Answer: She feels sad for letting her personal fears and greed for power consume her. As for getting home, like Robert Shaw said at the end of Force Ten from Navarone, "We have a very long walk back home."

Answer: The way I interpreted the ending (which is up for debate obviously in a different forum) was it was the act of Max Lord renouncing his wish which caused Barbara to lose her cheetah powers. It also caused every other unrenounced wish to be lost. Barbara wouldn't have been able to hear the broadcast or Wonder Woman telling the world to renounce their wish (it would also explains how all the wishes were rescinded without everyone having to be listening to Max). It's unclear if she lost her initial wish though (to be more like Diana). It's possible we'll find out what happened to her in a follow up Wonder Woman/Justice League film, but I highly doubt it.


Answer: No. When everyone in the world all renounced their wish, Barbara renouncing her wish would have resulted in her losing both her Cheetah powers and the ability to be more like Diana.

Casual Person

Well then why does she look sad for having done the right thing and how's she going to get home?


Sad because she's lost her powers, her getting home is her problem and not plot-relevant.

16th Mar 2021

Halloween (1978)

Question: After Laurie stabs Michael in the chest when he attacks her in the closet, she turns her back on him and lays down for a rest. This happens after she saw him survive getting stabbed in the neck with a knitting needle, so why would she be so certain he's dead? Why not either make certain he's dead by, say, taking the knife and stabbing him in the head, or just get out of there?

Answer: Because you might not die from a wound in the neck. So she thought a knife to the chest was enough to kill him.


Question: Why does Michael turn on and kill Dr Wynn and other cult members?


Answer: Because they no longer controlled him, his evil was so strong it broke free, like a volcano erupting.

19th Feb 2021

Halloween (1978)

Question: How can Michael possibly know how to drive a car if he's been locked away in an insane asylum since the age of six?

Answer: He likely saw his parents drive before he killed his sister and remembered it. After all, in America 96% of people drive automatics which would be a lot easier to understand at that age than a manual (stick shift).

I'm not sure where you got your random 96% number. But that sounds like a figure from 2020 where less than 4% of vehicles sold are manual. This film takes place in 1978 (where Michael would have been 6 in 1963). Even in the late 90's, more than 25% of cars sold were manuals.


Answer: He observed Loomis enough times when he drove him to hearings over the years.


Question: At the end of the last movie, "A New Beginning", Tommy was possessed by Jason (or perhaps he just went completely insane, who knows) and is about to kill Pam. Yet in this film he's (somewhat) normal and in control, and is going to cremate Jason's corpse. So, what happened in between?

Answer: Plotwise, we only see him stalk her with a knife. Most likely Tommy came back to his senses, or alternatively fought off the possession, and set the knife down. The realization of what he'd almost done prompted him to try to cremate Jason's remains, to rid himself of Jason's evil influence once and for all.

Jukka Nurmi

Answer: Tom McLoughlin decided to ignore Part 5 when he became director/writer of Part 6.


Question: Depending on child labor laws just how did they get the young Diana actress to do her own stunts?


Answer: Lily Aspell, (young Diana), performed many of her own stunts. She is naturally athletic and was already an expert equestrian rider (her parents and uncle are professional jockeys). Stunts are carefully coordinated, and she would never have been allowed to do anything dangerous. Stunt doubles perform the more dangerous action scenes. Often, CGI superimposes an actor's face over a stunt double's body. Safety harnesses and suspension cables are used and later removed digitally. Actors also perform many scenes in front of a "green screen" and special effects are added later to look like an extreme environment. I once observed a movie scene being shot. What looked like a wild car chase in the move was actually filmed with the vehicles driven at slow speed. The action was sped up during the editing process.

raywest Premium member

Thanks brother. Regardless of it being a hilariously "so bad it's good to watch and laugh at"movie I was concerned for the child. All the best and have a nice day.


You're welcome, and I'm a "sister." :-).

raywest Premium member

Question: Why was Jason never recovered after Tommy drowned him at the end of part 6?

Answer: To leave well enough alone, Jason always finds a way to come back. It would have been better to let him stay at the bottom of the lake to rot. Besides greedy developers or publicity would have turned the place into a tourist attraction.

Answer: Because nobody but Tommy and Megan as well as the campers knew he was in the lake. If they did then they looked the other way.


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