29th Apr 2022

The Amazons (1973)

Audio problem: When the king's army officers are talking, the one who criticizes his adviser's mouth doesn't match with what he's saying.


23rd Mar 2022

The Glorias (2020)

25th Feb 2022

Spider-Man (2002)

Audio problem: The wrestler's, wheeled out prior to Peter wrestling Bone Saw, mouth doesn't match the dialogue as he's speaking.


15th Jan 2022

Below the Belt (1980)

Audio problem: The sound of a punch Tommy throws during her match with Princess War Star occurs before the punch connects.


The Scary Sky Skeleton - S1-E6

Audio problem: During the gang's ride on a bumpy road Fred warns Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy about some more bumps coming up. He's interrupted when they hit the bumps, then the word "bumps" comes out of Scooby's mouth.


22nd Oct 2021

Halloween II (1981)

Audio problem: When Loomis shoots Michael in the opening here his gun sounds different from the previous movie.


16th Sep 2021

Our Idiot Brother (2011)

Audio problem: When Ned orders a flavor of ice cream while talking with Miranda the audio doesn't match the movement of his lips.


Audio problem: More than once in the piano playing scenes there's music playing even as the characters' fingers aren't touching the keys.


6th Dec 2020

Halloween (1978)

23rd Jan 2020

The Lost Empire (1984)

Audio problem: During the McClure Whiplash fight near the end the sound of two of their punches happen before they even land.


20th Jan 2020

The Animal (2001)

Audio problem: A lot of the sounds for punches and hits occur before the blows are even landed.


Audio problem: When the Fembots have Austin and are feeling him all over. One stands over him and we hear the sound of a zipper yet their outfits lack this, and none of them went for his pants.


3rd Nov 2019

Below the Belt (1980)

Audio problem: Terrible Tommy and Rose exchange words just as their match begins but neither one's mouth opens.


28th Sep 2019

X-Ray (1981)

Audio problem: When Susan's cutting the cake in the kitchen she drops the plates upon discovering David's body yet there's no sound of them breaking.


Audio problem: During the car chase with Tracy, after hooking up in Switzerland, she speaks while driving yet her mouth, while open, doesn't move.


27th Aug 2019

The Toxic Avenger (1984)

Audio problem: When Toxie's fighting the nunchuck-wielding thug in the restaurant, he kicks them away once and they make noise when he does. When he does it again there's no sound at all. (00:36:00)


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