14th May 2022

Angelfist (1993)

Revealing mistake: During the tournament we see one fighter, a woman in pink spandex, fight Catya Sassoon twice. It's obvious due to the fact that Catya's wearing different clothes during each match.


29th Apr 2022

Orca (1977)

6th Apr 2022

Freaky (2020)

14th Feb 2022

Prehistoric Women (1967)

Revealing mistake: Despite the best efforts, you can tell the fabled white rhino is just a prop on wheels.


14th Feb 2022

I Love Lucy (1951)

First Stop - S4-E14

Revealing mistake: When the bed Lucy and Ricky are in moves as a train goes by look real close and you can see the wheels on it to help move it across the set piece.


3rd Feb 2022

I Love Lucy (1951)

Breaking the Lease - S1-E18

Revealing mistake: When Fred and Ethel come with parts of their apartment's ceiling on them look closely at Ethel. The piece on her left shoulder falls off revealing what looks like a velcro pad to keep it in place.


27th Dec 2021

Sheena (1984)

10th Dec 2021

Divergent (2014)

Revealing mistake: When Freddy bursts out of the ground at the pool party look closely. The facial makeup's different looking. Clearly this a stuntman.


4th Sep 2021

Paul (2011)

Revealing mistake: Look closely during Clive's argument with Graeme. You can see Ruth's left eye which is supposedly blind, actually appear normal behind her glasses' dark lens.


20th May 2021

The Prowler (1981)

Revealing mistake: The Prowler's just killed Lisa in the pool, yet he's walking across a lawn completely dry. Clearly this is footage reused from when he was outside the dorm earlier.


30th Apr 2021

Ladykillers (1988)

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