Diamonds Are Forever

Revealing mistake: Bond escapes from the buried pipeline when two technicians open a hatch from the outside. One tech unlocks the hatch by rotating a large wheel, which drives the locking mechanism. But when he finally opens the hatch, there's absolutely no mechanism attached. There's just a bare axle that the wheel turns on.

Revealing mistake: When the killer satellite rocket reaches orbit, you can see it 'bouncing' up and down as the pieces separate.


Revealing mistake: When Bond escapes from the research facility, guards give chase on three-wheeled vehicles. One of the guards goes off an embankment and wipes out. He sets the vehicle up and prepares to drive off. Bond is supposed to run up, kick the guard off and take the vehicle. Connery is so slow in this scene that the stuntman has to sit on the vehicle and wait for him to run up for the kick.

Revealing mistake: When Bond is in the trunk of the car, being taken out of the lower level of the Whyte House, a trap door opens out into the desert. The car, however, does not emerge from the door, which is never seen, but appears to be simply driving along a road. The 'door' is apparently a silhouette cutout raised in front of the passing car.

Revealing mistake: When the Hovercraft pulls away, you can see a passenger look out his window and wave directly at the camera.

Revealing mistake: Many times throughout the car chase in Las Vegas between Bond and the cops, you can see skid marks where they tried earlier stunts with the cars on those points on the road. The most obvious is when Bond pulls away from the Sheriff after he approaches the car.

Revealing mistake: In the final fight scene, Mr. Kid is set on fire by Bond and jumps overboard. What hits the water, though, is a dummy: it floats on the surface right after hitting the water (a human body would sink for a few meters before it comes up again).

Revealing mistake: On the oil rig, when Bond tells Tiffany to "shoot 'em" after she gets the gun, three bad guys run towards her. A helicopter drops a bomb in front of them, taking them out, but watch the guy who is the furthest away. The bomb lands a good 20 feet away from him, far enough away not to do any harm. But he crouches a little and stays up, then he looks at his other two crewman a bit puzzled, and then falls down a bit later as he finally realises what he was supposed to do.

Revealing mistake: During the car chase, Bond weaves through a car park, and a police car can't make the turns, sliding into a wall. The wall's covered in one specific point by what looks like a large pale wooden cover, which the police car just happens to slam into exactly.

Revealing mistake: Blofeld is played by an actor that is not bald (Blofeld was bald in 2 previous episodes). He is also played by Charles Gray, who played the part of one of the good guys in You Only Live Twice. [Not really a mistake, given that Blofeld doesn't have to conform to certain physical characteristics. However, an actor playing a good guy then a bad guy over the space of two films rankles a bit...]

Revealing mistake: When Saxby is shot, he has an instant, pre-dried blood splatter on his shirt.

Revealing mistake: When Bond wakes up after being buried in the tunnel, there's light coming from everywhere and shining on the walls; yet, there's no direct light coming in from anywhere, nor artificial light sources on the walls.

Revealing mistake: The fingerprint in Tiffany's photograph is 100% identical to the sample of Peter Franks in her system. It is impossible for two fingerprints to be exactly identical - in terms of the part of the finger it shows and the amount of paint on the print.

Jacob La Cour

Revealing mistake: When Bond pushes the Blofeld look alike into the mud pit his feet have a natural position, the tip resting on the stretcher. Couple shots later, when his body is submerged and just the feet are visible, they are skewed awkwardly to the side as if the ankles were broken, revealing he's been replaced by a dummy.


Revealing mistake: When the orbiting satellite blows up the missile in North Dakota you can see the scientists nearby move freeze in motion.

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene when Bond pushes Blofield in the mud and we see his legs dissappear, they are obvious dummy legs and the feet have changed position.

Revealing mistake: During the fight between Bond and Peter Franks in the elevator, if you watch carefully when Bond hits Franks' wrist with the door while he is holding the glass shard, Franks drop the glass shard before his wrist gets hit a second time.

Revealing mistake: When Bert Saxby is shot there is no hole in his shirt, only painted on fake blood.

Revealing mistake: When the row of missiles blow up near the end, not only are the effects bad but the amount of smoke shown is cartoonish and the missiles are still intact afterwards.

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Deliberate mistake: The famous car chase ends with Bond's car tipping up on its right wheels to fit through a pedestrian path. However, when it emerges the other side, it's tipped on its left wheels. When the car enters the alley, this was filmed in a studio. When the car exits the alley, this was filmed in Vegas. The first few times the exit was filmed, the car emerged on the correct wheels, but the shots were unusable because of the crowds in the background watching the filming. This shot was temporarily abandoned and eventually re-filmed with a different stunt driver who famously performed the stunt on the wrong wheels. Realising this, the producers filmed a somewhat clunky insert shot featuring a close-up of Sean Connery and Jill St John, which shows the car tip back onto four wheels and then up onto the opposite two wheels, even though the alleyway would be too narrow to manage this.

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Plenty: Hi, I'm Plenty.
James Bond: But of course you are.
Plenty: Plenty O'Toole.
James Bond: Named after your father, perhaps?

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Trivia: The actor who played the real Willard White (not a Blofeld copy) is Jimmy Dean, of Breakfast Sausage fame.

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Question: Why does the archvillain Ernst Blofeld want to eliminate the diamond smugglers (including Tiffany Chase) via his two assassins?


Chosen answer: Blofeld and Spectre has enough diamonds for the laser he is building to hold the Earth hostage. In typical Spectre fashion, since he is finished with the operation, he wants to leave no loose ends that could tie Spectre into the mix.

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