Diamonds Are Forever

Trivia: When Bond first meets Tiffany Case in her apartment she is playing some music. If you listen carefully you will notice that it is the theme song for the film.


Trivia: The actor who played the real Willard White (not a Blofeld copy), is Jimmy Dean of Breakfast Sausage fame.

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Trivia: In this movie, one of the White technicians in the desert space lab is Shane Rimmer, the later captain of the USS Wayne sub in "The Spy Who Loved Me", and seen in "You Only Live Twice" as a NASA radio controller.


Trivia: The 'Gambling Ring' Q uses in the Willard White casino is the only Bond gadget (at least up to 'A View To A Kill') which doesn't actually work.

Trivia: Mr. Witt is played by Bruce Glover who is the father of Crispin Glover.

Trivia: It was well documented that the deal put before Sean Connery to tempt him back into the role of Bond was more than generous, a reputed $1 million. So generous a fee was it, that at that time it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He donated the entire amount to his charity, the Scottish Education Trust. In addition, United Artists agreed to fund the production of two movies of Connery's choice.

Trivia: With the location came its own particular temptations and much gambling took place by the cast and crew during their spell in Las Vegas. Whilst there, however, Cubby Broccoli fell prey to one of a spate of high profile robberies, where his hotel room was burgled whilst he slept and his wife Dana's jewelery was taken.

Trivia: Before being cast as Mr. Kidd, Putter Smith was a jazz musician with no previous acting experience.

Trivia: The scene where Tiffany Case discovers Plenty O'Toole dead in the swimming pool was filmed at the house of Kirk Douglas.

Trivia: American actor John Gavin was signed to play James Bond in this film. Although he lost the part to Sean Connery, Gavin received his full salary for the role.

Trivia: When we see Miss Moneypenny for the only time in this film, she is wearing a hat. This was to hide the fact that Lois Maxwell had dyed her hair.

Trivia: During screentests Jill St. John was initially cast as Plenty O'Toole, but director Guy Hamilton was so impressed with her performance he decided to cast her in the role of Tiffany Case, thus making St. John the first American Bond girl.

Trivia: Willard Whyte was based on Howard Hughes.


Trivia: Musician Paul Williams was originally cast as Mr. Wint, but they couldn't agree on how much he should be paid.


Trivia: Two bathosubs were built for the final scene, one with a complete entrance and the other made from concrete, this was to give the sub weight when it smashed into the buildings.

Trivia: Although Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd are Blofeld's henchmen, they never share a scene with Blofeld in the whole film.

Trivia: During one take of the fight sequence between Peter Franks and James Bond in the glass elevator, Joe Robinson (Peter Franks) accidentally pulled off Sean Connery's hair-piece.

Trivia: In the scene when Bond is taking a bath in his casino suite, Sammy Davis Jr. is on the cover of the magazine Bond is reading. The entertainer appeared as himself in a cameo that was deleted from the film's final release.

Trivia: During the fight in the pre-credits sequence, Bond places Blofeld's body on a trolley and pushes it into a bubbling lava pool. The 'bubbling lava' you see is actually Cadbury's Smash (instant mashed potato) with added food colouring.

Trivia: The chase in the car park in Vegas was actually the film studio's car park.

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Continuity mistake: The famous car chase ends with Bond's car tipping up on its right wheels to fit through a pedestrian path. However, when it emerges the other side, it's tipped on its left wheels. [When the car enters the alley this was filmed in a studio. When the car exits the alley this was filmed in Vegas. The first few times the exit was filmed the car emerged on the correct wheels but the shots were unusable because of the crowds in the background watching the filming. This shot was temporarily abandoned and eventually re-filmed with a different stunt driver who famously performed the stunt on the wrong wheels. Realising this, the producers filmed an insert shot featuring a close-up of Sean Connery and Jill St John which shows the car tip back onto four wheels and then up onto the opposite two wheels (even though the alleyway would be too narrow to manage this!), which is in the finished film].

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Plenty: Hi, I'm Plenty.
James Bond: But of course you are.
Plenty: Plenty O'Toole.
James Bond: Named after your father, perhaps?

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Question: Where were the diamonds hidden on Frank's body?

Answer: They were hidden IN Frank's body.

Zwn Annwn

Answer: Bond's answer to Felix at customs is "alimentary, Mr. Leiter". As in the alimentary canal of a human.

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