Diamonds Are Forever

Corrected entry: When Bond first sees that Willard White is actually Blofeld in the hotel penthouse, Blofeld shows him how he has been impersonating Willard White's voice with a machine. But that only works through the phoneline - out loud it would be different.

Correction: He states there is a miniature transistorised version of the voice box stored in his neck.

Corrected entry: During the pre-title sequence, James Bond sneaks into Bolfeld's cloning lab, where he is nearly shot by an assassin hidden in a mud bath. A gun submerged in mud probably would misfire or have its chamber jammed, and probably would not fire bullets properly, if at all.

Correction: Some guns are made especially for muddy conditions - jungle or trench warfare, for instance. In fact a blank firing gun is little different to a 'real' gun anyway, and if this one worked while submerged in mud, then a bullet firing one would too.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, Bond kills a guard by throwing scalpels into his arms and chest. Scalpels are much too light to penetrate even bare skin when thrown, let alone a shirt.

Correction: These were metal-handled scalpels with razor blade-sharp tips, it is pure assumption to state that they were too light to penetrate skin or fabric. In the previous movie Bond hurls a knife across a room and hits a specific date on a calender, showing that he is an accomplished knife-thrower.


Corrected entry: Towards the beginning, when Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd meet the helicopter in the desert, they await a helicopter. After the helicopter lands, while it's rising off the ground, the red stripe across the side of the chopper gradually fades into green. And then, as it pulls away, the stripe abruptly changes back to red.

Correction: It does no such thing. The stripe is always red. There are moments when the helicopter passes through a shadow, which makes the stripe darker, and then passes into a lighter area, which makes the red stand out more. The Blu-ray of the film confirms it is red throughout the sequence. The lower-resolution quality of other video formats might make it seem green.


Corrected entry: Some odd (if not very disturbing) coincidences surrounding the movie, released in 1971. Lana Wood plays Plenty O'Toole and dies by drowning in the movie. The person who was supposed to be drowned in the movie was Tiffany Case, played by Jill St. John. In real life Lana Wood's older sister Natalie Wood died by drowning (November 1981). At the time Natalie was married to actor Robert Wagner. Ten years later (1991) Robert Wagner remarried, to Jill St. John. Interesting side note - Natalie had a dire fear of drowning, Lana was a certified diver.

Correction: Coincidences happen all the time, it's just a fact of life that sometimes things coincide; simple probability dictates that this happens, and even apparently extreme coincidences are purely just something that happens. As a result, coincidences are not really terribly remarkable. And they're most certainly not considered valid trivia.


Corrected entry: In the scene where James Bond is swinging Blofeld's submarine on the crane, Tiffany Case runs up to Bond in the crane wearing a red and purple bikini. In the next shot of Tiffany, when Bond tells her to get the machine gun, she is now wearing a red and brown bikini. (01:48:00)

Correction: IN the version I saw it was the same bikini just a tad darker because of the shadow from the crane and camera angle.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the final attack, the helicopters all seem to launch rockets at the rig as they approach, but there's only one explosion. Are they all that bad shots?

Correction: Rockets are inherently inaccurate: that is why there are always so many of them.

Corrected entry: When Tiffany Case receives the diamonds in the casino she tries to get away from the CIA agents following her so she ducks in to a side-show with a woman who apparently turns in to an ape. The carnival man says the woman was captured in the jungles of Nairobi, South Africa. Nairobi is in Kenya and is not a jungle but a huge city.

Correction: While that is true, it is the barker's job to attract patrons and he is not trying to be factual, he is just spouting patter for the kids.

Corrected entry: When in Cairo, Bond is told to ask Marie where Blofeld is. In the next scene we see Bond talking to Marie at a beautiful coastal setting with granite cliffs. There is nowhere in Egypt where the cliffs have that colour or where there is such vegetation. That is not geologically possible.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: They never said that Marie was in Cairo; she could have been anywhere in the world. Apparently Bond knows who she is and where to find her.


Correction: For self-defense, because he knows Bond is coming?


Corrected entry: In the prequel, when Bond pushes the Japanese guy up against the wall, and he says 'Cairo,' his mouth doesn't move - at least not in a way where he could form the word Cairo.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The word "Cairo" can easily be pronounced without lip movement.


Corrected entry: When Bond is having his drink at Tiffany's apartment, he is fondling the glass and moving his fingers. So there would be more than one print - and it wouldn't be as clean-cut as it is.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Although he does move his fingers his thumb stays in place. Even as he moves the glass around with his fingers it is rolling back and forth across his thumb, retracing the same print. Tiffany examines the glass, sees that there is one clear thumbprint on one side of the glass, and uses that to identify him as Peter Franks.


Corrected entry: Why would Wint and Kidd put Bond into a truck, drive him all the way out to the middle of a desert and into a construction cylinder without knowing exactly how long until the construction crane picks up the cylinder taking the chance that Bond might wake up. Shouldn't they have shot Bond first so he couldn't escape?

Correction: As you can see on several occasions throughout the movie, Wint and Kidd consider themselves somewhat artistic killers with a fine sense of irony, not to mention that they are subtly sadistic. The idea of burying Bond in the pipe was probably their idea of a slow and agonizing demise, as being buried about 10 feet underground would hardly leave you with the means of getting out or calling for help.

Corrected entry: Bond and Peter Franks-character change terrible blows on each other during their fight in the lift. In addition their heads and other body parts are rammed against shattering glasses all the time. No cuts, no bruises, no blood. Impossible.


Correction: The notes on the "submission" page specifically says that suspension of disbelief has to be factored in, and uses action heroes' impossible stamina as an example. As this is a common movie convention, it is not considered a mistake.


Corrected entry: After Bond has taken his place earlier in the film, the real Peter Franks arrives in Amsterdam. He goes to Tiffany's apartment, rings the bell, and says via the intercom "It's Peter Franks". She answers "Third floor" and opens the door. Shouldn't she say something like "You know the way"? After all, Franks has already been in her apartment.

Correction: A character mistake at worst, but it's certainly not a movie mistake to remind someone what floor you live on. Seems like common courtesy to me.


Corrected entry: After Bond kills Peter Franks in the lift and switches wallets, why does Tiffany exclaim "You've just killed James Bond"? He's supposed to be a secret agent - how come she's heard of him?

Paul Bessant

Correction: Tiffany works for the international terrorists organisation SPECTRE. This organisation was James Bond's enemy in all the previous Bond movies (and some to go)so it's only normal that people working for this organisation are aware of James's existence.

Corrected entry: When Bond is using Bert Saxby's voice while talking to Blofeld on the phone, Blofeld tells "Bert" to get rid of Willard Whyte. Since Bond is posing as Bert, Bert never got this order. So why does Bert show up at Willard Whyte's to kill him?

Correction: The fact that Bert shows up indicates he must have gotten the order at some point. Perhaps Blofeld contacted him directly to double check on his progress.


Corrected entry: There was a scene in the movie showing Plenty returning to Bond's room, seeing him with Tiffany, and angrily going through Tiffany's purse to find her address (presumably to exact some sort of revenge). However, this scene was deleted in the final cut, leaving us with no clue whatsoever of how Plenty shows up at Tiffany's home.

Correction: There are any number of ways Plenty could have ended up in Tiffany Case's pool. The fact that a deleted scene exists to explain it proves this isn't a mistake - that just happened offscreen.


Corrected entry: When James is in Amsterdam, and at some point he helps a man in a house and says something like "Guten Abend" and "Bitte," which is German...

Correction: The Dutch equivalent is "Goede Avond", which is similar to the German "guten abend" to the untrained ear, or to the trained ear, horribly mis-pronounced by Sean Connery. I don't remember him saying "bitte".

Corrected entry: When Sir Donald is telling Bond all about the diamond smuggling problems, he repeats parts of his speech twice, eg. "the industry prides itself on the loyalty and devotion of its workers".

Correction: This is intentional. It is done to emphasise the irony of what he is saying. Watch the film the second time the words are repeated - as Sir Donald is praising the loyalty and devotion of its workers, the footage is of a guy smuggling gold out of the mine by hiding it in his tooth. Thus it is ironic that there is NO loyalty and devotion among the workers. This is why the speech is repeated.

The Doctor

Revealing mistake: Bond escapes from the buried pipeline when two technicians open a hatch from the outside. One tech unlocks the hatch by rotating a large wheel, which drives the locking mechanism. But when he finally opens the hatch, there's absolutely no mechanism attached. There's just a bare axle that the wheel turns on.

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Plenty: Hi, I'm Plenty.
James Bond: But of course you are.
Plenty: Plenty O'Toole.
James Bond: Named after your father, perhaps?

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Question: Is it actually explained in the movie why Willard Whyte is in hiding?

Answer: If you mean by hiding - why is he never seen normally - then it's because he is a recluse and doesn't like to be seen in public (like Howard Hughes was). If you mean by hiding - why was he not seen during the movie - then it's because he was being held captive by Blofeld and his minions. Spectre didn't want him out and about ruining their plans.

Zwn Annwn

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