I Love Lucy

Lucy and Bob Hope - S6-E1

Character mistake: Bob Hope mistakenly calls Lucy "honey" when she's dressed as the intrusive hot dog vendor. He was supposed to believe she was a man. (00:12:00)

The Million Dollar Idea - S3-E12

Character mistake: When Ricky sits down to calculate by hand how much Lucy and Ethel have spent on supplies to make and sell their salad dressing, he adds $7.21 for the groceries, $1.20 for the jars, and 10 cents for the labels. He says his total is $8.31. He miscalculated; the correct total is $8.51. Ironically, his profit calculation is correct at 3 cents a jar. (00:15:10)


Ricky Asks For a Raise - S1-E35

Character mistake: After Tropicana nightclub owner Mr. Littlefield replaces Ricky Ricardo with Xavier Valdez, "the Konga King," Lucy, Fred and Ethel try to get Ricky's job back by going to the nightclub in a succession of different wigs and costumes, then leaving when they learn that Ricky is no longer performing there. At one point, Fred and Ethel enter the nightclub, posing as "Mr. And Mrs. Crumley." A disguised Lucy enters one minute later and is outraged to hear that Ricky is no longer there. Ethel then pretends to phone a friend to tell her to not come to the nightclub. Lucy says, "Attagirl, Mrs. Crumley." However, when Ethel had told the maitre d' she had a reservation for "Crumley," Lucy had not yet entered and therefore should not have known that name.

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The Séance - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: After Lucy tells Mr. Merriweather that he's invited to the seance, when it cuts to Lucy unfolding the card table legs, note the couch behind her with one normal seat cushion on the left, but in the next wideshot there's an additional shorter cushion under the normal cushion. The small towel also repositions itself neatly on the couch. (00:11:55)

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Trivia: Fred and Ethel's bickering relationship didn't require much acting; in real life Vivian Vance and William Frawley didn't care for each other at all.

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