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Ethel Mertz: If I let my hair go like that you'd never let me hear the end of it.
Fred Mertz: Honeybunch, if the rest of you looked like that I wouldn't care if you were bald.

Ethel Mertz: Fred, I'm sorry I said you were a dumb bunny.
Fred Mertz: And I'm sorry you're so fat you sat on my glasses and broke'em.

Lucy Ricardo: I wish there were a place to sit where we could see both sides.
Bus Driver: There is.
Lucy Ricardo: Where?
Bus Driver: I can strap you to the front of the bus.
Lucy Ricardo: Well.

Lucy Ricardo: If some other woman were to take Fred away from you, you'd be singing a different tune, too.
Ethel Mertz: Yeah, "Happy Days Are Here Again."

Lucy Ricardo: Nurtz to Mertz.

Ricky Ricardo: What's the matter with you? Are you crazy or something?

Lucy's Doctor from Jamestown: Hello, Mr. Ricardo. I'm the man who brought your wife into the world.
Ricky Ricardo: I don't know whether to thank you or punch you in the nose.

Lucy Ricardo: What are you? The Cuban television network?
Ricky Ricardo: Yes. CBS. The Cuban Broadcasting System.

Lucy Ricardo: Ricky, we're revolting.
Ricky Ricardo: No more than usual.

Ricky Ricardo: Something's wrong with the electricity. My shaver isn't working.
Lucy Ricardo: Something's wrong with the gas. My chicken isn't working.

Ricky Ricardo: We've got to use our brains.
Lucy Ricardo: Well, let's see.
Ricky Ricardo: You stay out of this.

Ricky Ricardo: This whole thing is my fault. Something I said that started this whole mess.
Lucy Ricardo: What's that?
Ricky Ricardo: "I do."

Ethel Mertz: Where you afraid you'd lose me?
Fred Mertz: I'll say, that outfit you're wearing is rented.

Ricky Ricardo: How do spell s'perience?
Lucy Ricardo: E-x-p.
Ricky Ricardo: E-x? You're kidding.

Ethel Mertz: Rome wasn't built in a day.
Fred Mertz: Well, Rome wasn't built like you either.

Lucy Ricardo: Ricky, I'd like you to meet my second first husband.

Lucy Ricardo: I made a funny?

Ethel Mertz: There's lots of things you're good at.
Lucy Ricardo: Like what?
Ethel Mertz: Well, you're awfully good at... uh... You've always been great at.
Lucy Ricardo: Those are the same ones Ricky came up with.

Ricky Ricardo: (losing his temper after Lucy screwed up his chance to be in a Broadway Play) You did what?
Lucy Ricardo: I was only trying to help.
Ricky Ricardo: (shouting) Help?
Lucy Ricardo: Help.

Ricky Ricardo: Fred, how often is Ethel's checking account overdrawn?
Fred Mertz: Never.
Ricky Ricardo: Never? How do you manage that?
Ethel Mertz: It's easy. I never had enough money at one time to open a checking account.
Fred Mertz: She spends money like I'm printing it in the basement.

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Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio - S1-E32

Visible crew/equipment: At the start, after Fred and Ethel walk in, when Lucy and Ethel walk away from the kitchen shutters carrying things, the stage microphone and stand can be seen at the right side of the screen. (Later in the episode, when Lucy and Ricky appear on The Quiz Show an identical microphone is on stage with them). (00:00:35)

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Trivia: It was the first to tape before a live audience.

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Question: I know this show is from the time period when a lot of couples had two beds in their room. Just out of curiosity, when did it become acceptable to show a couple's bedroom with a single bed on TV?

Answer: According to Snopes.com, there is no definitive answer, but the mid-1960s is the most verifiable date with "The Munsters" being cited as the first, although others claim "The Brady Bunch" showed the first couple seen in a double bed. An early TV show from the late 1940s titled, "Mary Kay and Johnny" is also thought to have shown the married couple's bedroom as having a double bed, although probably not with them in it. However, this was when TV was aired live, and there are no surviving episodes, only anecdotal accounts.

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