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Corrected entry: In the "audience" in many different episodes over multiple seasons, you can hear a woman say "Uh oh," followed by short little laugh. It sounds exactly the same every time - obviously a sound effect.


Correction: The uh oh heard was Lucille Ball's mother who attended the taping of every single episode.

The Indian Show - S2-E24

Corrected entry: While Fred, Ethel and Ricky are doing their number the shadow of the boom mike can be seen on the wall with the curtains leading to the backstage area.

Correction: When Ricky, Fred, and Ethel are rehearsing their number, and also during their actual performance of the song "Pass That Peace Pipe", there is no shadow of the boom mic visible on either of the walls with door curtains, stage left or right.

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The Saxophone - S2-E5

Corrected entry: When Ricky goes to use the phone after he finds out about the fake man, he swings the wires on the phone, knocking something on the desk down. The camera goes to a man and then back to the desk, were the thing is standing back up as though it was never moved.


Correction: When Ricky dials the phone to call Jule, at the musicians' union, a small object falls over beside the telephone, and then it cuts to Jule picking up the ringing phone and saying hello to Ricky, but it's not until the shot cuts back to Ricky that we see the little object is upright again, which Ricky simply did while he was offscreen.

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Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her - S1-E1

Corrected entry: Halfway through the episode, Ricky is talking on the phone about props for that night's show at the club. You can hear both sides of the conversation. At the end of the call, Jerry on the other end says, "See you later, Des" to Ricky. He used Desi Arnez's real name instead of his character's.

Correction: He says 'dad', not 'Des'.

Lucy Hates to Leave - S6-E15

Corrected entry: When Lucy buys back her coffee table, Ethel and Fred move it to the kitchen in their apartment. The door to the kitchen in this episode opens to the inside of the kitchen, and not to the direction of the living room, as seen in all other episodes. The door hinges are opposite.

Correction: The kitchen is a double hinged "saloon style" door. The door opens both ways, just like in a restaurant and most kitchens of the era. This is evident in many episodes.

Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ricky tries to get Lucy to have the drink that will put her to sleep, from the audience's point of view, Lucy is on the right side behind the living room table with the altered drink on the table in front of her. Ricky is to the left with the unaltered drink in front of him. While Ricky is repeating Lucy's spinning/clapping movement, Lucy switches the glasses around. When they are done dancing, Lucy ends up behind the table to the left, with the altered glass again in front of her. Ricky points to the wall and tells Lucy, "That is the biggest spider I have ever seen!" While Lucy is examining the wall, Ricky switches the glasses back around. The unaltered glass is now in front of Lucy. She then proceeds to drink while Ricky smiles at her plan's apparent "failure". If you have watched the glasses carefully, you will realize that Ricky is actually the one who ends up with the altered drink, not Lucy.

Correction: For years I also thought this was an error, but it's not. When Lucy first starts out with the "poisoned" cup, it's the one on the audience's right. After Lucy switches it once and Ricky switches it back, the cup on house right IS back in the same place, however Lucy wasn't drinking from that cup, but took the cup at house left (the "unpoisoned" cup) So the episode is correct.

Ricky's Life Story - S2-E30

Corrected entry: The issue of Life magazine shown was the May 11, 1953 issue. In the episode, Lucy talks about the pictures of Ricky that began on page 43 but in real life, page 43 had only an editorial.

Jeff Swanson

Correction: It can hardly be considered strange or in any way noteworthy that a fictional edition of a magazine referenced in a television programme would contain articles and other features that fail to correspond to the real-life edition of the same magazine. That's why it's fictional.

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Lucy Fakes Illness - S1-E16

Corrected entry: When Ricky puts a green light bulb in Lucy's room, it causes her to think she has turned green. When she looks at Ricky and Fred, they look green to her as well, but Ricky and Fred claim that they do not look green to each other, so Lucy believes that she's "looking at the world through green eyeballs." Ethel is not trying to deceive Lucy, but when she returns to the room she only comments on Lucy looking green. But she should also have seen that Ricky and Fred looked green, and thus been able to expose the ruse.


Correction: Since Ethel was not in on conning Lucy, Fred said to Ricky that Ethel was going to have to get the "Go-Bloos" too. Later, he made reference to Ethel being in bed sick with the "Go-Bloos".

The Ballet - S1-E19

Corrected entry: Just after Lucy does her ballet "audition" for Ricky, the microphone dips into the shot above their heads. (00:05:00)

Jean G

Correction: No microphone can be seen dipping into view at the top of the screen in this scene.

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The Sublease - S3-E30

Visible crew/equipment: After Lucy and Mr. Beecher sign the lease, just as they all start heading toward the door, the taped T-mark can be seen at the bottom of the screen at the edge of the carpet (presumably for the second camera dolly offscreen at the left). Then as Mrs. Hammond walks out, a bit of overhead set equipment can be seen at the top right side of the screen. (00:12:45)

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Lucy Ricardo: This whole thing is Ricky's fault.
Ricky Ricardo: MY fault?
Lucy Ricardo: Yeah, if you hadn't have left Cuba to come to America, we wouldn't have gotten married and we never would've come to Switzerland in the first place.

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Trivia: It was the first to tape before a live audience.

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Lucy Wants New Furniture - S2-E28

Question: Lucy buys a 3 piece sofa set. One piece is an armless sofa chair. It is seen in the next episode but is never seen again. Where did it go?


Chosen answer: It's not known. She may have moved it to the spare room or it may be in a corner just off camera. There could be any number of reasons, though it probably took up too much room on the studio set, and it was removed, making it easier for the actors to move around.

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