I Love Lucy
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally3
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her2
2The Girls Want To Go To the Nightclub1
3Be A Pal1
4The Diet0
5The Quiz Show1
6The Audition0
7The Séance2
8Men are Messy0
10The Fur Coat1
11Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Singer3
12The Adagio0
13The Benefit1
14The Amatuer Hour0
15Lucy Plays Cupid0
16Lucy Fakes Illness0
17Lucy Writes a Play0
18Breaking the Lease0
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The Sublease - S3-E30

Visible crew/equipment: After Lucy and Mr. Beecher sign the lease, just as they all start heading toward the door, the taped T-mark can be seen at the bottom of the screen at the edge of the carpet (presumably for the second camera dolly offscreen at the left). Then as Mrs. Hammond walks out, a bit of overhead set equipment can be seen at the top right side of the screen. (00:12:45)

Super Grover Premium member
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Lucy Ricardo: I made a funny?

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Trivia: It was the first to tape before a live audience.

Bowling255 Premium member
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Drafted - S1-E9

Question: Why would Ethel think Fred's enlisted? He wouldn't be allowed in due to his age right? I know the plot yet this thinking makes no sense.


Answer: There is no reason. It's a just a silly plot device, typical of the era. Women characters were often portrayed as making uninformed assumptions or decisions.

raywest Premium member
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