Feat of Clay (2) - S1-E5

Plot hole: Unless he didn't feel like it or Daggett's being held somewhere that's secret there's no reason that Clayface, who faked his death, couldn't try to track him down again.


Mad as a Hatter - S1-E24

Continuity mistake: The 10/6th on the Mad Hatter's mind control cards come and go throughout the episode. An example is when he first is shown holding them they're blank. Then when he decides to use them on his date with Alice they've suddenly got the 10/6th.


Tyger, Tyger - S1-E30

Continuity mistake: Both Selina's, once she's been mutated, and Tygrus' noses change color. Hers goes black briefly when she finds Batman in the forest and Tygrus' turns grey briefly as Dr Dorian scolds him.


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Suggested correction: Clayface wasn't faking losing control of his abilities. He really was losing control. When Clayface saw all the characters he played over the years as Matt Hagen, he began turning into each of them involuntarily but, because there was too many of them, he became overwhelmed and couln't stop transforming. He even begs Batman to shut off the screens. Https://

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