Batman: The Animated Series

Perchance to Dream - S1-E26

Factual error: A vital part of the plot's resolution is based on the fact that the reading activity of the brain happens in the right hemisphere, while the dream activity is localized in the left half, making thus impossible to read during a dream. Besides anecdotal experience that says the contrary, this 'fact' is not supported by medical studies, which in fact contradict it. There is no hard distinction, it varies greatly between individuals and even going by those studies who could be seen as supportive of the theory, reading would not be impossible and speaking would be just as hard.

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Trivia: The series was animated on darker (typically black) paper as opposed to standard white paper. This helped aid in the show's aesthetic, and also helped save time when animating nighttime sequences, since they wouldn't have to paint the entire background black.


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