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A Good Clean Bust with Sequel Rights - S5-E6

The Rockford Files mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: While Falcone is with Seales, the reps from the consumer groups confront Falcone about his toys. When Seales says, "Our toys have a psychological counter-violent quality," in the next shot just as Seales starts to walk toward the reps, we can see the head of a crouching crew member moving in front of Falcone. (00:33:55)

Super Grover Premium member

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Love 'Em and Leave 'Em - S1-E8

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Luigi says "Let's play cupid," he peeks around the corner along with Peach and Toad down at Mario going down the aisle with his "bride-to-be." Luigi, as expected, has been wearing green all episode, but when you see them peeking around the corner, Luigi's hat has become red. In the very next shot showing Luigi from behind, his hat has returned to green. (00:14:40)


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Good Shepherd - S6-E20

Star Trek: Voyager mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Right at 40:30, if you look in the top left corner of the LCD screen, you can see a mouse cursor. Six seconds later it starts to move around. It seems like someone noticed and tried to move it out of the scene. (00:40:30)


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The Silver Wings - S8-E11

The Waltons mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Jim-Bob delivers Betsy's mail she's washing her hair outside, and as she flips her wet hair back we can see the microphone under her halter top, while her arms are up. Then when she walks toward the cabin with Jim-Bob, the bulge of the mic transmitter is visible at the back of her shorts. (00:06:20)

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No Mercy - S2-E10

Cobra Kai mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Miguel kicks and breaks a staircase railing during the school brawl. For a second it cuts to Robby. When it cuts back to Miguel, the railing is fixed.

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Episode #1.3 - S1-E3

Death in Paradise mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The principal admits his lie and brings the team to his real destination. At the entrance, Commissioner Selwyn Patterson's is standing with his hands behind his back, in front of him, and behind his back again at the cut. (00:23:20)

Sammo Premium member

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Pilot - S1-E1

Ghosts mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Sam is in the bathroom holding up two sample paint chips, in the first shot she's holding up the yellow in her left hand and the blue in her right hand, but in the next shot they've switched and are in the opposite hands, just as Jay arrives with the coffee.

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Insane in the Membrane - S2-E6

NCIS: New Orleans mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Hamilton tells Pride that he will arrange for Kendrick's grandmother to stay at the assisted living facility in his district, when it cuts to Kendrick and Percy walking toward Pride the red T-mark taped to the rug can be seen at Pride's feet.

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The Balloon Ride - S2-E21

Peppa Pig mistake picture

Factual error: When everyone went up in the hot air balloon the sun and the moon are both visible. The illuminated side of the moon is facing in the wrong/other direction from the sun, which doesn't work.


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Day of the Dumpster - S1-E1

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers mistake picture

Other mistake: After the teens leave the command center, Rita sees this and orders the creation of her Putties. Her henchman slaps down a few things of clay into a mold loosely, that then show the perfect figurines of the putties coming out of them. However with the shape of the mold, there is no way that the clay would come out in shapes like that or with that detail. (00:11:35)

Quantom X Premium member

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Suggested correction: Given that these are literal monsters and a witch living on the moon after being imprisoned for 10,000 years, I don't think we can say for certain what their machinery will do.


This is speculating too much. Practically making the same argument that it's OK because magic. The general physics of what is being displayed on the screen doesn't match up with how the clay fits into the mold even in the slightest.

Quantom X Premium member

What Quantom is saying is that they are using a press die to create the mold for the putties and no matter how you look at it, the volume of clay going into the mold is not enough to create the detail seen on the putties.

Ssiscool Premium member

It's not just that, but the shapes don't match up at all. He does the equivalent of putting clay into a round hole and getting a square out of it.

Quantom X Premium member

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Fresh Prince After Dark - S4-E9

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the episode where Hilary poses for Playboy, Hilary's strap-on mic is visible on the back of her red dress when she, Will, and Carlton first enter the Playboy party. It is gone in subsequent scenes.

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Unsafe - S1-E4

Law & Order: UK mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Devlin and Brooks approach Richie Newman, and Devlin shows him his ID badge, his hand jumps from the top of the wallet to the bottom. (00:08:00)

Cubs Fan

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Pilot - S1-E1

Chuck mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the car chase, the NSA's black SUV rams into Chuck's little car. The front license plate breaks off and is hanging on by one corner. When it's backing down the stairs, the plate has somehow reattached itself perfectly to the bumper. (00:29:20)


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