Best TV mistake pictures of 1974

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Little House on the Prairie mistake picture

Factual error: In the remastered DVD editions, on Doc Baker's wagon, you can see that the canvas wagon cover has a plastic window sewn into it.

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Gearjammers, Part 1 - S2-E3

The Rockford Files mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: While the two goons are trying to find Rocky they start chasing after Rockford, and when both cars drive through the car wash area, in the long shot we see a car wash employee at the left, and at the center of the screen we see a camera operator carrying a hand-held camera rushing after the cars as he's filming them. (00:23:15)

Super Grover Premium member

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Big Money - S2-E9

Happy Days mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Richie gets up from a table at Arnold's to meet with the Fonz in the men's room he's wearing jeans. When he enters the men's room he's wearing grey slacks. (00:07:50)


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