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Worst Case Scenario - S6-E1

Continuity mistake: During the stakeout of the apartment building, in the exterior shots of the Clyde Motorcycles shop, Danny is peeking out through a ripped paper opening within the letter "D" in Clyde. However, in the interior shots the black tape letters of the word Clyde differs. The paper is ripped between the two letters "D" and "E" and that space within the "D" is blocked with molding, making what is in the exterior shots quite impossible. (00:15:40)

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The Galileo Seven - S1-E17

Visible crew/equipment: After Spock asks Scotty if there's enough battery power to electrify the exterior of the ship, Spock tells everyone, "Get to the center of the ship. Don't touch the plates. Be sure you're insulated," and just as Spock turns in the rear compartment we can see the edge of the shuttlecraft set behind Spock.

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The Silver Wings - S8-E11

Visible crew/equipment: When Jim-Bob delivers Betsy's mail she's washing her hair outside, and as she flips her wet hair back we can see the microphone under her halter top, while her arms are up. Then when she walks toward the cabin with Jim-Bob, the bulge of the mic transmitter is visible at the back of her shorts. (00:06:20)

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Half-Baked - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: When Haley is sitting on the couch she has a small piece of cupcake left, but as her father picks her up and puts her on his shoulders, she now has a whole cupcake missing just one bite. (00:12:30)


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Monarch Douglas Bank (No. 112) - S2-E2

Factual error: After Red receives the package containing the tooth, it cuts to a city image that reads "Warsaw, Poland" but the city shown in this image is not Warsaw, it is actually Budapest, the capital of Hungary. This specific image shows the Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd) and the Buda Castle (Budavári Palota), in Budapest. (00:06:50)

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Saga of Whizzer McGee - S4-E30

Continuity mistake: When Whizzer is pouring coins from a robbery into the hands of Melissa, she is wearing gloves in camera shots taken from one angle, but have bare hands in shots taken from another angle. This mistake is repeated 8 times.

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Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Sam is in the bathroom holding up two sample paint chips, in the first shot she's holding up the yellow in her left hand and the blue in her right hand, but in the next shot they've switched and are in the opposite hands, just as Jay arrives with the coffee.

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Patient Zero - S14-E3

Revealing mistake: When Briscoe and Green investigate the auto yard with the stolen, blue SUV, Briscoe handcuffs the owner. When he cuffs him, he turns him, showing his back and his hands behind his back. You can see the actor isn't cuffed, just holding the handcuffs as he walks. (00:06:35)


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About a Girl - S1-E3

Visible crew/equipment: Right after the opening credits, when Dr. Finn tells Bortus, "I will not perform a sex change on a perfectly healthy newborn," the camera pans to the left as she walks to her desk, and the yellow T-mark can be seen on the floor in her office, where Bortus will stand. (00:03:25)

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Fine Feathered Finks (1) - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When Batman starts the Bat-Turn, the parachutes are shown deploying on a 6-lane major roadway (3 lanes in each direction) in a very open area, but after completing the 180-degree turn, the car is shown driving away from the crumpled chutes on a much narrower side street among tall buildings. (00:14:10)


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Blood Donut - S1-E7

Visible crew/equipment: When Flores discovers her cell phone is missing from the hole in the wall she goes nuts, slams the stall door and kicks it in. After she is taken away there's a closeup of the stall and we can see the metal spring that was duct-taped to the bottom of the wall inside.

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The Midas Touch - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: The yellow Aston Martin DBS that Gambit and Purdey give chase to at 0:09:45 transforms itself into a yellow Audi 100 Coupe at 00:15:00. Also the "P" registration mark (1975-6) on the Aston is incorrect as the marque had been discontinued in 1972.

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