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Ghosts (US) (2021)

2 mistakes in Pilot

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Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Sam is in the bathroom holding up two sample paint chips, in the first shot she's holding up the yellow in her left hand and the blue in her right hand, but in the next shot they've switched and are in the opposite hands, just as Jay arrives with the coffee.

Super Grover

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Suggested correction: It is established that the ghosts have watched television, listened to the radio, smelled pizza/pepperoni, etc. It's not impossible that Pete saw Ghost on TV.

While they do watch television now, it's unlikely that Sophie watched "Ghost" and that Pete saw it alone. The reply from others was "you know we don't know what that is" and he said "oh, right the movie thing." Which was a call back to earlier when Trevor was trying to explain who Tara Reid was and the older ghosts had a hard time knowing or remembering what a movie was.


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