Best TV mistake pictures of 2008

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Pilot - S1-E1

Breaking Bad mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the very end of the episode, right after he tells Jesse how he used the red phosphorus to kill the gunmen, Walt leans down to vomit. You can see his microphone transmitter under his shirt. (00:54:20)


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Iron Forged in Fire: Part One - S1-E1

Iron Man: Armored Adventures mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Tony says he has to stop the train from hitting the building’s power generators, the camera zooms in on a train car at the entrance of Stark Tower by the tracks that has the generators on it, and there are two Stark International employees standing on the balcony beside it dressed fully in white. Only a couple seconds later, Tony flies down there to cut off the train, and suddenly the two guys have vanished. (00:18:00)

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Red Brick and Ivy - S1-E10

The Mentalist mistake picture

Other mistake: Carrie the assistant brings Lisbon and Jane to Stutzer's office. She swipes her card to open the door. However, she does this upside down, swiping the bar-code instead of the black magnetic strip, on which she is holding. (00:09:30)


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Power Hungry - S1-E5

Fringe mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When they're transporting Joseph Meegar out of the building and into the ambulance, you can see the reflection of the boom mike on the open car door, (the car Charlie is putting Mr. Fischer into). (00:41:00)


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Senate Spy - S2-E4

Star Wars: The Clone Wars mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Padmé accesses the holo-table with the droid factory plans, she puts her clutch purse on the edge of the table. After she guesses the correct password, the purse is absent from a shot facing her as the hologram activates, but present in the next shot. (00:15:56)


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Glory Days - S8-E3

Murdoch Mysteries mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the episode, during the final shootout, Murdoch ambushes an armed bad guy in the attic and jumps through the wooden wall with him. As they fall down, Murdoch's trademark hat spectacularly flies off his head, but in the next overhead cut - showing him and the bad guy lying on the ground - the hat is on his head again.


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The Darkest Hour: Part Two - S4-E2

Merlin mistake picture

Revealing mistake: At the very beginning of the episode, as the knights are about to send Merlin to Camelot with Lancelot, the knights walk towards the camera. As they do, there's a patch of green screen the special effects department must have forgotten to remove between Sir Elyan and Sir Percival. (00:02:10)


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Seattle, WA - S6-E6

Man v. Food mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While at Easy Street Records they make a plate of corn beef hash with three eggs sunny side up. When the dish is finished the eggs are placed over easy on top of the hash, but when served the eggs are sunny side up. (00:44:00 - 00:45:00)


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