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Night Train to Mundo Fine picture

Audio problem: During the chase at the end of the movie, the police cars' tires squeal in the dirt.

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A Low Down Dirty Shame picture

Audio problem: When Shame points both his guns to the 2 guys in the beginning of the movie, you hear both guns click, but you can see that they are already cocked.


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Jumping Jack Flash picture

Audio problem: When Terry enters the Queen's Ball with another man, the man says to his wife "You're getting very shrill," yet his mouth isn't in sync. (00:48:55)

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Cherry 2000 picture

Audio problem: When E. Johnson and Sam are hiding behind a pile of tyres, spying on Lester, after Lester's group has pushed the caravan off the cliff, Johnson gets up and says "We're gonna take a little detour," but her mouth is shut. (00:32:00)

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The Day After Tomorrow picture

Audio problem: The pitch of an airliner's engine doesn't change dramatically when going through rough turbulence. In the scene with the turbulence - after all is quiet, it almost sounds as if the engines are shut down. And it happens way to fast for it to be the pilots doing it. And why would the pilots speed up when entering turbulence?

Jacob La Cour

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Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives picture

Audio problem: When Cort is taking off with the caravan you hear the wheels squeal. However he is driving on mud so that would be impossible. (00:37:25)


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Casino Royale picture

Audio problem: In the scene in the shower when Vesper says that she feels she has blood on her hands that won't come off, her mouth says "hold me" but she actually says something different. Also she says "please" but nothing is heard.

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Rocky IV picture

Audio problem: When they arrive in Russia and gets out the plane you can see it is blowing in the snow and you can hear the wind. In the next shot it isn't blowing and the snow is falling straight down, but the sound of the wind remains. (00:47:30)


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The In-Laws picture

Audio problem: When Steve is thanking Melissa for marrying Mark, the bride turns out to be Angela. Angela knocks Steve to the floor and grabs a gun from under her wedding dress. You can hear the sound of a hammer cocking but the gun turns out to be a hammerless automatic.

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Eight Legged Freaks picture

Audio problem: In the scene where all the towns residents take refuge in the Prosperity Mall, the mall's janitor/caretaker guy says something to the female sheriff with the camera facing him. In mid sentence the camera angle changes to behind the janitor but at an angle - you can hear him keep on talking but you can see that his jaw is perfectly still meaning that he can't possibly be talking. (01:11:25)

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom picture

Audio problem: When the group piles into the lifeboat on the crashing plane, Shorty (who is stuck between Indy and Willie) exclaims "Indy, I can't breathe!", but his lips don't move. (00:17:35)

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The Hunger Games picture

Audio problem: When Katniss kills Marvel with her bow and arrow when she's with Rue, the cannon (which goes off when a tribute dies) doesn't fire. This happens a couple of other times in the movie too. (01:25:25)


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Cloverfield picture

Audio problem: When the Statue of Liberty's head strikes the top of a distant building before landing in the street, sight and sound are simultaneous. There should have been an audible lag in the sound due to the speed of sound being only about 1000 feet per second. The absence of this lag would be acceptable in most movies but is inconsistent with the amateur home movie theme of Cloverfield.

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Crime Spree picture

Audio problem: When Zero and Marcel are fighting over the music near the beginning, the music regularly changes before their fingers reach the buttons.


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The Crow: Wicked Prayer picture

Audio problem: When Pestilence puts the bug in his mouth, we hear a crunch as if he is chewing it, yet a few seconds later he spits it out and it is not chewed up at all.

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Space Mutiny picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Kalgan confronts third engineer Steve Godell on the catwalk, he laughs before saying the line: "third engineer Steve Godell?" The laugh begins while Kalgan is obscured by the set, and continues as he moves into the scene. As he steps from around the corner, you can see his mouth is closed and not moving at all, despite the fact that his laugh can still be heard for 3-4 seconds.

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Total Recall picture

Audio problem: Just after Arnie accepts the cab driver's offer and the other one complains, Arnie's driver gives him the finger and says something like, "Eat this", but his lips don't match what he's saying. (00:52:45)

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Superman II picture

Audio problem: Before the trio crashed into the Daily Planet (just before the battle with Supes), they were heard flying outside the building. For 3 superbeings with the ability to fly unaided, they sure sound heckuva lot like jet-propelled aircrafts. Jet aircrafts are noisy because of their engines, but superpeople?

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Emperor of the North Pole picture

Audio problem: In the scenes aboard the train, you can hear the railroad crossing signal. But in the scene there is no road or highway crossing the tracks, only forest or open field. This happens al least 8 times along the film.

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