Best action movie audio problems of 1987

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The Running Man picture

Audio problem: Just after Dynamo kills Weiss, the next shot shows Dynamo approaching the camera. You can see Dynamos lips moving, and he's speaking, but you can't hear anything.


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Cherry 2000 picture

Audio problem: When E. Johnson and Sam are hiding behind a pile of tyres, spying on Lester, after Lester's group has pushed the caravan off the cliff, Johnson gets up and says "We're gonna take a little detour," but her mouth is shut. (00:32:00)

Hamster Premium member

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The Living Daylights picture

Audio problem: In the sniper scene, Bond is asked if he wishes to use the soft-nosed bullets to kill the potential assassin to which he replies, 'No the steel-tipped'. There isn't any lip movement, however, after the word 'no'.

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Masters of the Universe picture

Audio problem: The keyboard Kevin gets from the music shop seems to have an interesting trait, in that the high notes are on the left. This must either be bad "audio dubbing" or something to do with the shot perhaps being reversed, although I doubt this. It's most likely a post-production audio error as very very few keyboards or pianos are configured in this way.

David Mercier

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The Monster Squad picture

Audio problem: In the mansion, the boys open a secret passage and fall through the floor. They scream after shining a flashlight on a skeleton. Eugene then can be heard whining that he wants to go home, but his mouth is not moving.


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Raising Arizona picture

Audio problem: When the biker shows up at the end, Holly Hunter asks Cage what he is, to which Cage replies "Do you see it too?" but his mouth is not in sync with what he is saying.

manthabeat Premium member

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Predator picture

Audio problem: After Dutch has fired the rocket at the Predator standing on the log, the Predator shoots several times. Then you can hear it shoot one more time, but you can't see any blast coming from it. (01:24:35)


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Bad Taste picture

Audio problem: When Lord Crumb says "Once the Fast Food authorities have checked the samples..." his mouth movements are way out of sync with the audio. (00:45:50)

Hamster Premium member

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Robocop picture

Audio problem: At the end of the movie where Dick Jones is falling from the OCP building. At the end of the shot you can hear the splat sound. But he's not near the ground yet. He is still seen up in the air. (01:36:00)


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Lethal Weapon picture

Audio problem: In the beginning, when Murtaugh's daughter comes downstairs in the black dress the dialog is dubbed in. After the spin, she's talking but she doesn't move her mouth (even before the spin she isn't in sync). Her little sister replies and doesn't move her mouth either.


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G.I. Joe: The Movie picture

Audio problem: When trying to steel the BET, Serpentor fllies in close and Duke grabs onto his glider. The sounds of TIE Fighters are used for Serpentor's glider. You can even hear Darth Vader breathing for a moment. (00:15:45)

Quantom X Premium member

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Beverly Hills Cop II picture

Audio problem: When Axel is in the shed in the final shoot-out with Dent and Karla, there is a flopping sound from the ceiling fan. The instant Karla gets shot, the sound disappears.

Jacob La Cour

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