Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Audio problem: When Lenny drives his car into the quarry, the sound of his radio changes depending on where the car is; but when he drives away, suddenly it stays constant. It should have decreased, and increased when we get to the close-up.

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Audio problem: When Lex is giving instructions to launch the missile, a young man puts on his earphones and talks to Lex, but his mouth doesn't move.

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Audio problem: After the satellite crashes against the cosmonaut, inside the spaceship a Russian cosmonaut starts to cry out things, but his mouth isn't moving.

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Audio problem: When Lex enters the military bunker, officer Goram's voice is obviously dubbed and sometimes the audio doesn't match his lips.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Superman and the super villain are fighting on the moon, when Superman flies in and lands at the beginning of the fight, you can see the cables that are suspending him.

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Lex Luthor: Lenny, let's try and keep your IQ a family secret.

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Trivia: Christopher Reeve said in his autobiography that he much preferred Richard Donner's approach rather than Sidney J. Furie's. He mentioned that if Donner had done the scene with Superman walking up to the big UN building, he would have shot on location of where that building in real life is, choreographed thousands of extras, had cars driving by on the street and cut to real shots of people gawking out of office windows. Instead, Furie shot at an industrial park in London with a giant matte painting, only a few extras, no buildings or cars and a couple of pigeons for added effect.

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Question: I read that, according to Margot Kidder, when working on this movie, Christopher Reeve and Sidney J. Furie didn't get along at all. Is this true? If it is true, then what was the reason behind their feud in the first place?

Answer: There appears to be multiple reasons. They had creative differences, ultimately resulting in a poorly received movie. Kidder said Reeves, who co-wrote the story, had an inflated ego and clashed with Furie.

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