Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Audio problem: When Lenny drives his car into the quarry, the sound of his radio changes depending on where the car is; but when he drives away, suddenly it stays constant. It should have decreased, and increased when we get to the close-up.

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Audio problem: When Lex is giving instructions to launch the missile, a young man puts on his earphones and talks to Lex, but his mouth doesn't move.

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Audio problem: When Superman is wounded on the neck, and when the italian villagers are saved, the same male falsetto voice is used to add a (crappy and out-of-sync) "Oooh!" and "Aaaah!".

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Audio problem: When Lois and Clark jump off the terrace, she cries his name. In the wide angle she moves her mouth but no sound is heard.

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Audio problem: After the satellite crashes against the cosmonaut, inside the spaceship a Russian cosmonaut starts to cry out things, but his mouth isn't moving.

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Audio problem: When Lex enters the military bunker, officer Goram's voice is obviously dubbed and sometimes the audio doesn't match his lips.

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Revealing mistake: After Nuclear Man destroys the cab's hood, the shot changes and there's a thick string running behind him all along the car, and the cab driver is stretching out to pull it. Probably he was activating some sort of bad FX.

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Lex Luthor: Lenny, let's try and keep your IQ a family secret.

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Trivia: Near the end of the film, Superman gives a press conference in front of a bluish mirror-glass building which is meant to be the Daily Planet skyscraper in Metropolis (which we all know is New York, sort of). The shot is framed so you can only see the bottom of the building - necessary as it is only about 3 floors high, and is in fact the railway station in Milton keynes, England, about 400 yards from where I work. Even the crowd have a vaguely British look about them - presumably passers-by were recruited and stood there in their own clothes (this would matter less now - Brits look more American than they did in the Eighties).

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Question: Why is this movie so full of mistakes and plot holes? Was it created by incompetent crew?

Answer: It was made on a very low budget. Golen - Golbus productions bought the rights to Superman. They were mostly known for B-Movies with not so big name stars. It was there attempt to play with the big studios. Plus at least 45 minutes of scenes were cut out, with major subplots.

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