Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Plot hole: Superman traps the supervillain (whose power depends on sunlight) inside of an elevator to incapacitate him. Superman then ripped the elevator out of the building. He then plants it on the far side of the moon. Later on, sunlight starts to shine into the elevator through a slit at where the doors meet. The villain of course recharges and comes after Superman again. Now, if light could get through that crack there, then why couldn't it get through when the elevator was ripped out of the building in BROAD DAYLIGHT?

Plot hole: When Nuclear Man sees a picture of Lacy Warfield on the newspaper he decides to go after her. When confronted by Superman he asks "Where is the woman?" Superman responds that he'll never find her. How could Superman know which woman Nuclear Man was talking about? There was no indication that Superman knew that Nuclear Man was looking for Lacy.

Plot hole: For some strange reason, when Nuclear Man passes away in space, he remains floating, however Lacy, who is grabbing his hand, falls downwards.

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Plot hole: Nuclear Man arrives at Luthor's apt. and steps into a dark corner, where he loses his powers. From the opposite angle the place is filled with light, so Nuclear Man shouldn't have lost his strength.

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Plot hole: Nuclear Man makes his appearance at Lex's house, walks a couple meters and faints "because of lack of sun" according to Lex. This makes no sense, the place is surrounded by windows and there are beams of light everywhere.

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Suggested correction: Dropping nuclear man in to a nuclear power plant isn't as silly as it seems, assuming that the nuclear power is far greater than nuclear man he would simply be absorbed by it rather than growing stronger.

That never got shown and the fact that he was able to make a volcano erupt speaks volumes.

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Plot hole: Nuclear Man flies through the floor and ceilings of the Metropolis tower without touching anything or anyone; but an outside shot shows the facade exploding for some reason.

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Plot hole: Superman manages to find bricks to rebuild the Great Wall of China. While it's true that he could have created the bricks from stones, the humongous explosions of the wall, and the vast grounds surrounding the area, show that there is no place, no material, and no way even for Superman to create 1,000 bricks from nothing.

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Plot hole: According to the movie, 50 cops won't notice it if you abandon your car right in front of the UN during a world summit packed with top politicians.

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Plot hole: When Nuclear Man isn't receiving daylight he "dies", yet when he dives into the volcano he manages to come out as if nothing happened.

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Plot hole: Nuclear Man sends laser beams pointing his arms and destroys everything around, yet when inside the Daily Planet, he sends beams to the elevator but absolutely nothing happens.

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Plot hole: The Russian cosmonaut is out in space singing Sinatra when he's knocked away. Later on, Superman appears from nowhere and saves him and says "you'll be safer singing here". First, Superman was nowhere near to know he was singing. Second of all, sound does not travel in space, super-hearing or not. So the whole comment is senseless.

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Plot hole: After Nuclear Man slides down the chimney of the Nuclear Plant the lid of the reactor is open and then automatically closes. This whole premise is totally absurd, not only for security reasons, but for logical ones too.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Superman and the super villain are fighting on the moon, when Superman flies in and lands at the beginning of the fight, you can see the cables that are suspending him.

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Lex Luthor: Lenny, let's try and keep your IQ a family secret.

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Trivia: Christopher Reeve said in his autobiography that he much preferred Richard Donner's approach rather than Sidney J. Furie's. He mentioned that if Donner had done the scene with Superman walking up to the big UN building, he would have shot on location of where that building in real life is, choreographed thousands of extras, had cars driving by on the street and cut to real shots of people gawking out of office windows. Instead, Furie shot at an industrial park in London with a giant matte painting, only a few extras, no buildings or cars and a couple of pigeons for added effect.

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Question: Why is this movie so full of mistakes and plot holes? Was it created by incompetent crew?

Answer: It was made on a very low budget. Golen - Golbus productions bought the rights to Superman. They were mostly known for B-Movies with not so big name stars. It was there attempt to play with the big studios. Plus at least 45 minutes of scenes were cut out, with major subplots.

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