Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
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Factual error: If the Russian cosmonauts need special suits to survive out to space, so should Lacey when she is taken by Nuclear Man. (00:02:50 - 01:20:20)

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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace mistake picture

Factual error: When Superman addresses the UN, the delegate presumably representing the United Kingdom appears behind an "England" sign - "England" is not an international entity represented at the UN, while the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is. (00:32:20)

Factual error: Superman and Nuclear Man fly around the world fighting at incredible speed. Everywhere they go, including places as widely spread as New York and China, it's daytime.

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie we're told that the Statue of Liberty is in Metropolis. However, the subway billboard states that it's in New York.

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Factual error: While in space, Superman and Nuclear Man's capes are flapping. Since it is a vacuum, there is no air, therefore the capes shouldn't flap. Likewise, on the moon, the dust and dirt are moving too quickly to be in a micro gravity situation.

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Factual error: Superman places the nuclear missiles in the giant disposable bag in space, throws them at the sun, and the bag burns up when it hits the sun. In reality, the bag would have burned up long before hitting the sun. (00:35:35)

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Factual error: The Russians launch a missile which stands upright on a truck. The energy needed to send it beyond the atmosphere would need such a huge fire blast that it would've caused a big explosion when in contact with the truck's petrol deposit.

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Suggested correction: The RT-2PM "Topol" nuclear missile was carried on a MAZ-7917 mobile launcher - essentially, a huge truck - from which it was launched. The truck was not damaged by the rocket exhaust.

That's exactly my point. Plus, given that the truck is a blatant miniature prop.

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Plot hole: Superman traps the supervillain (whose power depends on sunlight) inside of an elevator to incapacitate him. Superman then ripped the elevator out of the building. He then plants it on the far side of the moon. Later on, sunlight starts to shine into the elevator through a slit at where the doors meet. The villain of course recharges and comes after Superman again. Now, if light could get through that crack there, then why couldn't it get through when the elevator was ripped out of the building in BROAD DAYLIGHT?

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Lex Luthor: Lenny, let's try and keep your IQ a family secret.

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Trivia: During the making of this movie Christopher Reeve and Sidney J. Furie didn't get along at all and often clashed with each other.

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Question: Assuming anyone saw this deleted scene on the DVD special features. Why would Lacy even go to Smallville?


Answer: Lacy had gotten tired of her dad's newspaper, big-city life and decided to move to Smallville because she wanted to experience life at a much slower pace and even decided to live on a farm.

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