Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona (1987)

26 mistakes

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the dye pack explodes and Gale wipes off a spot to see H.I. and Ed coming right at them, you can see that H.I. is the one driving when the car swerves. Ed was driving in the previous scene.

Continuity mistake: When Hi, Gale and Evelle are sitting in the trailer talking about robbing the bank, watch the newspaper on Hi's lap. It goes from being folded to being fully opened in his hands between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the classic fight scene between the two convicts who escaped jail and Nick Cage, the first shot of the destroyed trailer had Cheetos Puffs all over the floor. In the next scene there are Cheetos Crunchy all over the floor.

Visible crew/equipment: When John Goodman and William Forsythe are digging out of prison, they emerge through a hole in the ground in the mud and rain. As they come through the hole, you can see the foam that makes up the top layer of mud that they dig through bend and wobble.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Nic Cage is trying to choose a baby, his tattoo switches from right to left arm and back about four times.

Continuity mistake: Nick & Holly are having lunch outside their trailer with their friends & kids. One of the kids throws jelly at Nick Cage and hits him in the head, and a piece of jelly with a cherry in it falls on his plate. The camera cuts away as Holly and her friend are talking about Paediatricians. Cut back to Cage and the jelly is gone from his plate. Back to Holly then back to Cage shows the jelly is back!

Revealing mistake: As Hi is racing after the baby, a close-up of his tired face driving the brown Caprice shows the gear selector is in "Park".

Continuity mistake: When the guy with the broken nose enters his car you can see the exhaust-fumes on the right, indicating that the engine is already running. But then we clearly hear him start the engine again.

Continuity mistake: When Cage sets up a camera to take the picture with Holly Hunter and the baby, the camera on the tripod is a Canon Sure Shot. When the shot zooms in on the camera as it goes off, it is a Nikon.

Revealing mistake: When H.I. runs away after a robbery, you can see very fresh tire tracks made by the camera car on the wet pavement. The street was deserted, so the tracks couldn't have been from another car.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Nicholas Cage is trying to retrieve a baby from under the crib, when the other baby falls on him, you can see a hand holding it.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning, a three-column newspaper story about the Arizona Quints is shown for a couple of seconds. Aside from the lead paragraph, the entire, lengthy newspaper story is composed of the same three paragraphs repeated over and over.

Continuity mistake: When H.I. robs a convenience store with Ed and Nathan Jr in the car, their 1972 Chevrolet Impala Sedan has 4 working tail lights. In subsequent shots, there are only 3 working tail lights, then back to 4 again by the end of the sequence.

Continuity mistake: At the end, when H.I. is being dragged out from underneath the pickup, watch the shadows made by the car; they grow longer, then short, then long again.


Continuity mistake: When H.I. is standing in front of the old man's truck, it is a Chevrolet. When he is looking forward through the windshield, and later when he flies out of the truck, it is a Dodge.

Continuity mistake: When H.I. (Cage) is running through the grocery store after he robbed the convenience store, the clerk shoots three quick shots at him. But, the gun's only a two barrel shotgun.

Revealing mistake: When Nathan Arizona Sr. first meets the Biker from Hell in his office at the furniture store, listen closely to the traffic driving by outside. It is generated by a music synthesizer.

Leonard Hassen

Continuity mistake: In the scene where HI and his boss are talking about swapping wives, as they are walking and the camera POV is about five feet away looking at them (rolling backwards) you can see the track the camera is rolling on.

Visible crew/equipment: During Hi's dream sequence where he describes the lone biker from hell, at several points you can see the shadow of the camera car on the road and on the bottom left of the screen before the rabbit gets a grenade thrown at it. This is visible on the VHS version.


Continuity mistake: After Glenn has informed HI that he will be back to take the baby, he peels off in his station wagon. The tires show a large black patch, free of dust, where it was contacting the ground prior to pulling away. The rest of the tire and car was dust covered.