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Corrected entry: During the Huggies chase scene H.I. is hit by the truck and rolls up on to the window. Later when they stop abruptly, he is ejected from the truck, but there is no window and no window break is shown.


Correction: The kid from the convenience store shot the window out right before the dogs took him down.

Corrected entry: When H.I. and Ed find out about the Arizona quintuplets, the babies are newborns. But when they go to steal one of the babies they are toddlers. So either H.I. and Ed waited a long time before they set their plan in motion, or those babies aged very fast.


Correction: It's not like they heard about the babies, decided to kidnap one, and H.I. planned the kidnapping overnight. These things take time, so it's highly likely that your first supposition, that they waited a long time, is correct.


Corrected entry: In the prologue, Nicholas Cage mentions his mailing address as the Maricopa County jail in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is located in Pima County, not Maricopa.

Correction: He does not say Tuscon, Arizona. What he says to Ed about her fiance leaving her is: "You tell him I think he's a damn fool, Ed. You tell him I said so - H.I. McDunnough. And if he wants to discuss it he knows where to find me. In the Munroe County Maximum Security Correctional Facility for Men, State Farm Road Number Thirty-one; Tempe, Arizona. Go to the script at http://www.coenbrothers.net/raisescript.html and check it out for yourself.

Corrected entry: When Nicolas Cage and John Goodman are wrestling in the trailer Goodman tries to get Cage off his back by rotating himself. The direction of rotation changes during the scene from clockwise to anticlockwise. (01:02:00)

Correction: Isn't it possible that Goodman stopped and then started rotating Cage in a different direction? There is a scene in between the change in direction, with enough time given.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where HI tries to steal a baby, one of the babies is crawling towards the crib. When it is first shown, the baby has nothing in his hand, but then the shot changes to under the bed and the baby is crawling with a rattle in his hand.

Correction: It's actually two different babies. The one without the rattle was the first he picked up, "Harry", and sat on the chair. That's the one crawling away from the chair (and away from the crib based on H.I.'s POV/angle). The one with the rattle on the crib was the second one he picked up (Garry) who he put on the floor and gave the rattle two. He looks towards the one that got off the chair (Harry) and then turns around trying to find Garry, who's now under the crib.

Corrected entry: As H.I. and Ed are racing to the town where the bank robbery is taking place, the vehicle they are in alternates between a police car (with siren and flashing lights) and a brown civilian sedan.

Correction: There are two separate cars going to the bank robbery: a police car and the brown car with HI and Ed. The explosion scene was the biker blowing up the police car before HI and Ed reach the town.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the dye pack explodes and Gale wipes off a spot to see H.I. and Ed coming right at them, you can see that H.I. is the one driving when the car swerves. Ed was driving in the previous scene.

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Ed McDonnough: I love him so much.
H.I.: I know you do, honey.
Ed McDonnough: I love him so much.
H.I.: I know you do.

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Trivia: When the biker is riding into town in HI's dream and throws a grenade at a rabbit, it resembles the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where they throw the Holy Hand Grenade at the killer rabbit.

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