Raising Arizona

Trivia: In several scenes where H.I. is in the factory where he works his work suit has a "Hudsucker Industries" patch on it. The Cohen brothers who directed and produced the movie also put out a movie a few years back called "The Hudsucker Proxy."

Trivia: When the biker is riding into town in HI's dream and throws a grenade at a rabbit, it resembles the scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where they throw the Holy Hand Grenade at the killer rabbit.

Trivia: When H.I. is robbing the convenience store while Ed and the baby wait in the car, listen to the music coming over the store's PA. It's a cheesy muzak version of the banjo music used throughout the film.

Trivia: As mentioned before the newspaper H.I. and Ed read about the quints is mostly repeated nonsense. It the first paragraph contains an in-joke about actor Trey Wilson mentioning his portrayal of Nathan Arizona.


Trivia: In the opening montage a picture appears repeatedly on the wall in nearly all of the different locations, all of the same person, an older man with glasses in a gray or black suit. It is in the police station, parole review, wedding, doctors office, and adoption agency. It is likely an homage.

Continuity mistake: In the classic fight scene between the two convicts who escaped jail and Nick Cage, the first shot of the destroyed trailer had Cheetos Puffs all over the floor. In the next scene there are Cheetos Crunchy all over the floor.

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H.I.: Prison life is structured - more'n some people care for.

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