Raising Arizona

Revealing mistake: When H.I. runs away after a robbery, you can see very fresh tire tracks made by the camera car on the wet pavement. The street was deserted, so the tracks couldn't have been from another car.

Continuity mistake: I'm no expert on accents. But why does everyone sound like they're from the Deep South and not the Southwest? As far as I know, Arizonians don't have a twang like the characters in the film do.

Continuity mistake: After Glenn has informed HI that he will be back to take the baby, he peels off in his station wagon. The tires show a large black patch, free of dust, where it was contacting the ground prior to pulling away. The rest of the tire and car was dust covered.

Revealing mistake: When H.I. Is trying to decide on which baby to take one of them has very curly hair but when the mom sees them all sitting up in their crib none of the babies have that same hair.


Continuity mistake: When Hi fights Gale in the trailer, Hi is on Gale's back and Gale is spinning around. Hi's legs destroy a red lamp. Then the next shot shows the lamp in the floor and it is intact.

Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning when the babies are trying to escape the bedroom, there are several low angle shots of them crawling. The shadow of the camera is visible on the floor.

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Continuity mistake: When H.I. is robbing the convenient store to get cash and Huggies, it's been raining as the streets are wet, but the parking lot of the convenient store is bone dry.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning, a three-column newspaper story about the Arizona Quints is shown for a couple of seconds. Aside from the lead paragraph, the entire, lengthy newspaper story is composed of the same three paragraphs repeated over and over.

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Continuity mistake: When H.I. robs a convenience store with Ed and Nathan Jr in the car, their 1972 Chevrolet Impala Sedan has 4 working tail lights. In subsequent shots, there are only 3 working tail lights, then back to 4 again by the end of the sequence.

Charles Austin Miller

Visible crew/equipment: When the cop car is racing down the road during the bank robbery, the car passes over a taped X in the road. Presumably this was a mark for another scene.

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Ed McDonnough: I love him so much.
H.I.: I know you do, honey.
Ed McDonnough: I love him so much.
H.I.: I know you do.

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Trivia: In several scenes where H.I. is in the factory where he works his work suit has a "Hudsucker Industries" patch on it. The Cohen brothers who directed and produced the movie also put out a movie a few years back called "The Hudsucker Proxy."

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