The Crow: Wicked Prayer

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

183 mistakes

Revealing mistake: When Jimmy and War are fighting over the gun near the end of the movie, you can see that many shots are reversed, as the fire behind them is not burning upwards like regular fire, but appears to be "sucking" downwards, back into the barrels.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy is getting ready to propose, in the shot where he pets his dog, you can see in the first shot from in front he is not moving, yet in the next shot he is walking and leaning towards the dog.

Continuity mistake: When Lola is caressing Lucifer, between cuts her one hand goes from his hip to his shoulder. There is a cut where she repeats one of the rubbing motions twice soon after.

Revealing mistake: When Jimmy hands the priest the crow, in the closeup it is really the bird, moving around and squawking, but in wide shots, it is a very stiff and motionless doll.

Revealing mistake: When Death/Satan is killed at the end, you can see the rocks that he is impaled on move with his own body movements, much like prosthetics attached to him.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy puts Lily's necklace around the mirror in the hearse, in the first shot he is still extending his arm to reach towards the mirror, yet when the camera cuts, his arm is fully extended.

Continuity mistake: Lily's brother leans over to pick up his hat in the beginning, and then in the next shot, he is suddenly standing up with the hat in his hand without having time to do so between shots.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning, when the miners and Indians are fighting, you can tell they are all pulling punches and trying not to really hurt each other. Some of them even visibly miss punches and kicks by large distances.

Continuity mistake: After falling down the hill, somehow the refrigerator with Jimmy and Lily's bodies in it goes from floating in the pond, to embedded in the ground straight up.

Continuity mistake: As Famine is about to pour the gasoline over the priest, in one shot he lifts the canister above his belt-line, but in the next shot, it is suddenly under his belt-line.

Continuity mistake: When Lily is about to have her eyes cut out, Luc goes from facing them in the background to facing away, to facing away with his feat propped up on the window between a series of shots.

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Other mistake: In the opening scenes, when the gang is introduced, one of the members kicks three men and knocks them out, but you can see he misses all of them by at least 6 inches.

Visible crew/equipment: You can blatantly see lights in the water when Jimmy is brought back to life, which makes no sense at a garbage dump at a closed mine in the nighttime.

Continuity mistake: When Luc Crash is escaping the guards in the beginning, the other prisoners all disappear in a number of shots.

Continuity mistake: When Luc is offering War some of the deviled eggs, you can see that Lola is looking around in one shot, then in the next shot, she is in the background, facing forward, not moving at all.

Continuity mistake: A few shots before Luc blows the match out that he is going to burn the priest with, the position of the priests head changes in one shot.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy is being hanged, after he grabs Luc Crash, you can see the position of his hands around Luc changes between several shots.

Revealing mistake: When the hearse driver slams the brakes, in the next shot, it is obvious the car was already stopped and just shaken from off camera to make it look as though it stopped. No car can brake that fast.

Continuity mistake: After Jimmy and Lily are caught by Lily's father and brother, as they walk away, Lily's brother turns his head to face forward twice between cuts.

Factual error: Luc Crash holds the match unreasonably close to the gas-soaked priest, whom he intends to play with and not actually burn alive. At the distance he held the match, the fumes from the gas would have caught fire.