The Crow: Wicked Prayer
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El Nino: He'll be your homey now and forever more.

Luc Crash: What's the difference between me and you, hm?
Jimmy Cuervo: I'm dead.

Jimmy Cuervo: I saw a creature, he sat and he held his own heart in his hands, and he ate of it. I asked him, "Is it good friend?" He said, "It is bitter. Bitter. But I like it because it is bitter."
Harold: May God's fury rain down on you.
Jimmy Cuervo: And because it is my heart.

Pestilence: Get off me, you damn hallucination.

Luc Crash: What happens to an angel that loses his wings?
Lola Byrne: He falls.

El Nino: Check it out, Crash and Byrne.

Jimmy Cuervo: Quoth the raven nevermore, motherfucker.

El Nino: Well, wicked-ass props to you Mr. O.G. and thanks for representing all the homeboys.

Jimmy Cuervo: Someone owes me two lifetimes and a set of perfect blue eyes.

Tanner: There isn't much people on either side of the road can agree on. Except that nobody likes you, Jimmy Cuervo.
Jimmy Cuervo: Goddamn, I guess I'll fire my publicist.

Jimmy Cuervo: Killing is easy, forgetting is hard.

Harold: How could God pick such a man?
Jimmy Cuervo: Why not? She did.

Luc Crash: So God gave trash like you wings. He never gave me shit! Fucker.

El Nino: I now pronounce you devil and his shorty.
Lola Byrne: I love you, Lucifer.
El Nino: Well, kiss the bride, motherfucker.

Jimmy Cuervo: I'm afraid of what I've become. You tell them they should be too.

Jimmy Cuervo: She believed in you. She believed in all of you.
Harold: She believed in fairy tales. Who are you to tell me what she believed in?
Jimmy Cuervo: I'm the fairy fucking godfather that's gonna save your fairy fucking tails.

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