The Crow: Wicked Prayer

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Lily's eyes are cut out, nobody says a word, yet in the flashback, one of the gang members is screaming "Yeah, cut her eyes out."

Correction: This is just the way that Jimmy remembers it, his hatred for them clouds his judgment.

Corrected entry: The words that the kids spray-painted on Jimmy's trailer disappear a few scenes later.

Correction: The graffiti is spray painted on the side of the trailer with the three windows, right beside the ladder on its right. It is the opposite side of the trailer that has no windows and no graffiti.

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Corrected entry: The main character from the "Wicked Prayer" comic book was changed from a woman to a man for this adaptation.

Correction: Although the first one to die in the novel version of 'Wicked Prayer' is a woman, the Crow is still a man by the name of Dan Cody. The only novel that contains a female Crow is 'the Crow: Clash By Night"

Actually, there is another female crow named Iris Shaw in The Crow: Flesh and Blood.


Corrected entry: You can tell many shots of Luc and Jimmy fighting at the end are being repeated from different angles and not for effect.

Correction: Actually, after a second viewing, I see they are being repeated for effect.

Corrected entry: You can see the giant crow statue at Rave-N-Fest drops about three or four times between cuts, and it doesn't seem to be intentional cutting.

Correction: Even though it may not seem like it is intentional, showing the same thing from different angles is in fact not a mistake, especially in action movies.

Corrected entry: When Jimmy is burying Lily, you can hear the same few sound effects of dirt being moved by the shovel over and over and over again.

Correction: Actually, the sound effects are all different as Jimmy shovels the dirt.

Corrected entry: When Jimmy gets in his car, it is suddenly near a field of wheat that was not around Jimmy's trailer before.

Correction: The field of wheat is actually behind the car, and earlier we never see behind the car, so this is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Jimmy throws the toaster at the crow after being brought back, and you can see the toaster hit the spot exactly where the crow was before the next cut where the crow flies away.

Correction: It may seem this way, but it is actually impossible to tell where the toaster hits. It flies towards camera, but not necessarily hitting the spot where the crow was perched.

Corrected entry: When Lo cuts out Lily's eyes and recites the passage, we see a door opens by itself. In one shot you can see a rectangular shape inside the door's window that was not there in previous shots. Likely some sort of device to help open it.

Correction: This is actually the "Open/Closed" sign on the door.

Corrected entry: The bar/pub sure is packed for having no cars in the parking lot.

Correction: They took cabs? Buses? Other free public transportation? I've been to more than a few clubs where the lot was empty but inside was full.


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