The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy is getting ready to propose, in the shot where he pets his dog, you can see in the first shot from in front he is not moving, yet in the next shot he is walking and leaning towards the dog.

Revealing mistake: When Jimmy and War are fighting over the gun near the end of the movie, you can see that many shots are reversed, as the fire behind them is not burning upwards like regular fire, but appears to be "sucking" downwards, back into the barrels.

Continuity mistake: When Lola is caressing Lucifer, between cuts her one hand goes from his hip to his shoulder. There is a cut where she repeats one of the rubbing motions twice soon after.

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Trivia: When Jimmy is about to be brought back by the Crow, he has an eerie dream about Lily. If you listen carefully, you can hear two women whimpering in the background music/sounds. This particular sound effect is taken from the movie "Van Helsing" from the first scene to feature Dracula in color. (The only previous scene with him was black and white).

Trivia: Although there were some plans for a potential fifth film, "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" ended up being the fourth and final entry in the original film franchise. A theatrical reboot of the series has been announced for a planned 2019 release - 14 years after the release of this film and 25 years after the release of the original.

Trivia: The original script for this fourth entry in the series was titled "The Crow: Lazarus." It was about a wannabe rapper (who goes by the stage-name "Lazarus") who is murdered in a drive-by, and his journey to piece together the mystery of who set him up to be killed. The film was intended to be the first movie in the series with an African America lead, and controversial rapper Eminem was intended to play the villain. After the project fell apart, the script was hastily re-written to be (very) loosely based around a 2000 novel ("Wicked Prayer") inspired by the series, and the budget was drastically slashed, resulting in this film.

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Luc Crash: What happens to an angel that loses his wings?
Lola Byrne: He falls.

Jimmy Cuervo: Quoth the raven nevermore, motherfucker.

Jimmy Cuervo: Someone owes me two lifetimes and a set of perfect blue eyes.

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Question: Originally this fourth "Crow" film was going to be called "The Crow: Lazarus" and be about a black wannabe rapper who is brought back by the crow after a drive-by shooting. Anyone know why this plot was dropped? Because it seemed to fit the material more than a movie about Satan and God.

Chosen answer: As I understand it, it all had to do with a spat between the director of the original Crow movie (Alex Proyas, who had "approval" of all the subsequent Crow movies) the producer of the Crow movie franchise, Jeff Most, and Miramax. Miramax eventually caved in favor of the producer and it was made into a "non-Crow entity" when Miramax reportedly signed Eminem to play the bad guy.

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