The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Deliberate mistake: When War and Jimmy are fighting, you can see a brief shot of a window exploding. This same shot is shown again (but longer) later on when War explodes.

Deliberate mistake: When the tribe does the ceremonial dance to bring the crow back to life, you can see the same shot of the bird leaping up twice.

Deliberate mistake: When Jimmy punches the man trying to rape Lily in the flashback, it is obvious the blow was missed, and also, such a blow would not have as much power as illustrated in the film. Nowhere near enough to knock someone back off a table onto the ground.

Deliberate mistake: Many shots of the crow flying are taken directly from "The Crow: Salvation", the third film, or the first film in some cases.

Deliberate mistake: When Luc Crash is attacking the guards at the beginning, once or twice one of his blows is repeated twice from different angles, and it does not appear to be for effect.

Deliberate mistake: You can tell the miner uniforms and prisoner uniforms are exactly the same wardrobe, the prisoner uniforms are simply marked "Prisoner" to make them seem different.

Deliberate mistake: When Lola frees Luc Crash in the beginning of the movie, he hits a guard, making him flip forward and fly through the air, even though this is impossible and it has nothing to do with magic or any other elements used in the story.

Deliberate mistake: At the end of the movie, the sun rises way to fast to be realistic. All we see is a sped up shot, and suddenly, it looks to have been up for at least an hour, all the while Jimmy and Luc fight in "real time." It makes no sense.

Deliberate mistake: When Pestilence kicks the barrel of flammable material, the impact of his shoe makes the barrel spark and shoot liquid all around. But the size of the sparks and smoke from his shoe hitting the barrel is ludicrous, and would in reality, ignite the liquid, which is already pouring out.

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