The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Plot hole: After the bird is hurt, Jimmy is shot several times and wounded very badly. Yet just seconds later, he is able to save the young boy, and mysteriously use many of his "crow powers" despite being hurt very badly.

Plot hole: Even though he has lost most of his power, Jimmy is somehow able to grapple and stop War, who is covered in dynamite and explodes, presumably while being restrained by Jimmy. Jimmy doesn't even appear hurt or marked at all after the ordeal.

Plot hole: Why would Pestilence let himself be soaked in toxic chemicals in the beginning of the movie when he is out for revenge? It makes no sense that he could possibly be killing himself then and there when he wants to live a little longer.

Plot hole: All of the miners and protesters run because War has the shotgun, yet moments later, they are back as if nothing happened.

Plot hole: "Death" tells his cronies to burn the bodies of Jimmy and Lily, yet when they get to the junkyard, they put the bodies in a very heavy refrigerator, and then push it into a pool of flammable liquid, which they burn. But it could never burn through the thick metal and plastic of the fridge before it burned the bodies.

Plot hole: Everyone considers Jimmy to be evil because he accidentally killed one of the Natives, who was trying to rape Lily. Yet, you see the ordeal and there are other witnesses, so it makes no sense that nobody believes him about not doing it on purpose, and unprovoked.

Plot hole: If the protesters and miners had to simply wait for War to come through and open the fence to get at each other, they should have been able to do it themselves.

Plot hole: Why would so many toxic chemicals be used in coal mining, and used as close to the miners as illustrated in the film?

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