The Crow: Wicked Prayer
The Crow: Wicked Prayer mistake picture

Other mistake: In the opening scenes, when the gang is introduced, one of the members kicks three men and knocks them out, but you can see he misses all of them by at least 6 inches.

Other mistake: After rising from the dead, Jimmy's dress shirt is not cut, torn or bloodied despite Lucas stabbing him THEN ripping out his heart prior.

Other mistake: When Jimmy jumps over Pestilence, you can see he is right above him, yet Pestilence is pointing his gun forward, not upwards as he should be doing.

Other mistake: When the priest is having "gasoline" poured over his body, you can easily tell it is really just water. The liquid is clear, and not tinted yellow, and he doesn't react realistically (as if the strong fumes are burning his eyes and nostrils).

Other mistake: There are several large pools of flammable liquid that are about to explode as War leaves the mine at the beginning, yet they never do explode.

The Crow: Wicked Prayer mistake picture

Other mistake: Luc Crash is wearing his normal outfit under his prison clothes.

Other mistake: Jimmy walks away from his trailer to find Lily quite a distance, yet when they sneak behind a building, you can see the graffiti the kids drew on the side of Jimmy's house right behind them, as though Jimmy has walked in a giant circle for no reason.

Other mistake: The junkyard at the mine is supposed to have materials just from the mine, yet there seems to be junk from all over town there, which doesn't make sense.

Other mistake: After the big fight at Rave-N-Fest, several people are just staring at Jimmy, unsurprised, like nothing happened.

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