Best action movie audio problems of 2006

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Big Momma's House 2 picture

Audio problem: At the end of the film, where Big Momma is performing with Carrie's cheer leading squad, when Andrew breaks loose and climbs up the human pyramid that the girls made, and jumps, falling on Big Momma's stomach. Then Andrew says, "Big Momma" but his mouth doesn't move.

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Miami Vice picture

Audio problem: In the scene inside the bar where Isabella is telling Crockett what happened to her mother (during the over-her-shoulder shot), her mouth doesn't match what we hear her saying.

Nick Bylsma

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Deja Vu picture

Audio problem: When Doug is staring at the terrorist and says, "I can see him, he's right in front of me", you'll notice that his mouth moves a little before words are actually said. This is because he first says "Jesus", but they took it out because the character playing the terrorist is Jim Caviziel, who played Jesus in Passion of the Christ. The filmmakers did not want to get a laugh out of that line which it inevitably did in test screenings. (01:06:10)

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest picture

Audio problem: Before the Tortuga bar brawl the musicians are shown playing their instruments. When Elizabeth says, "I just wanted to have the pleasure of doing that myself," it is quiet in the bar, but the violinist is seen happily playing directly behind her and no sound is heard.

Super Grover Premium member

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Casino Royale picture

Audio problem: In the scene in the shower when Vesper says that she feels she has blood on her hands that won't come off, her mouth says "hold me" but she actually says something different. Also she says "please" but nothing is heard.

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Zoom picture

Audio problem: When Dr. Grant is explaining the plan to Larraby, when Larraby says "Is that our only option?", his mouth doesn't move.

Brad Premium member

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Eragon picture

Audio problem: There are several times in the film when Brom and Eragon can be seen mouthing the words "he" and "him" when referring to Saphira. This is most obvious in the scene where they have fled from the Ra'zacs and get off their horses.


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The Guardian picture

Audio problem: When Randall walks into Maggie's Hanger for the first time in the film, Maggie is singing. As she goes to greet Randall she hands her microphone to a backup singer to take over, who can be heard taking over the singing, but she doesn't use the microphone for a few seconds.

Ian Hunt

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Attack Force picture

Audio problem: Throughout the film, no matter who is using the blade weapon that attaches to the wrists, like the one given to Steven Seagal at the arsenal scene, the sound when used is like a metallic sounding blade instead of the carbon or graphite blades.

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Ultraviolet picture

Audio problem: Daxus is about to cut open Six's head with the circular saw, and he stops when he hears the alarm. In the next shot, the saw isn't spinning anymore, but is still making a noise. (01:16:50)


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