Best action movie audio problems of 2008

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian picture

Audio problem: In the Pevensies' treasure chamber, there is a giant rock on top of Peter's treasure chest. When he opens the chest, the sound of the rock hitting the ground is more like that of a small pebble. (00:22:55)

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The Dark Knight picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Alfred is stitching up Bruce, Bruce says "I wanted to inspire people." As he says "people" the shot changes and his lips aren't moving, but the audio track continues.

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Iron Man picture

Audio problem: After Stark escapes, he is walking in the desert, and crests the brow of a sand dune. Then, helicopters burst into view over him and you hear them for the first time. Stark was on the brow of the dune and should have heard them long before.


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Twilight picture

Audio problem: In the Prom Gazebo scene, Bella wonders why Edward will not turn her into a vampire. Edward says, "I'm not going to END your life for you." These words do not match his mouth and appear to be dubbed. "End" being dubbed over some other word, possibly beginning with a "B". (01:46:40)

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Cloverfield picture

Audio problem: When the Statue of Liberty's head strikes the top of a distant building before landing in the street, sight and sound are simultaneous. There should have been an audible lag in the sound due to the speed of sound being only about 1000 feet per second. The absence of this lag would be acceptable in most movies but is inconsistent with the amateur home movie theme of Cloverfield.

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Jumper picture

Audio problem: In the scene when he goes back to his home and finds his dad on the floor, he walks into the house and you can see Family Guy playing on the tv and hear it very quietly. Unfortuanately, the audio is coming from a completely different scene in the episode than the video. (You can see Lois is in the zoo, which comes from the beginning of the episode, yet the conversation you can hear is when they are sat in the kitchen towards the end of the episode.)

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Wanted picture

Audio problem: When Wesley first walks into the textile factory and sees Sloane talking to a worker, the first shot of Sloane shows his mouth moving and you hear him talking. In the very next close up shot of Sloane, you still hear his voice, but his lips aren't moving. He just turns his head towards the worker, then away.

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Far Cry picture

Audio problem: At the start of the movie, the soldiers switch on the lights on the vehicles. Each light has a sound effect to a massive spot light activating, when in reality they are just headlights and wouldn't make any kind of sound.


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Max Manus picture

Audio problem: The day after Operation Mardonius, when the first set of bombs explodes you first see the explosion and then hear it after a second, then as the last bombs explode you both see and hear the sound at the same time.

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The Hurt Locker picture

Audio problem: In the scene where James "forgot [his] gloves down there", the sound from the detonation just before that is incorrectly in sync with the explosion. Given that they are a distance away from the blast itself, what should happen is you see the blast first, then hear it say about a second or more later (based on the estimated distance). (00:48:50)

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army picture

Audio problem: At the beginning, when Professor Broom and the young Hellboy are spending Christmas Eve at a military base in New Mexico, Broom insists that Hellboy go to bed, while Hellboy insists that Broom first tell a bedtime story: "Just one, and then I'll go to bed right away, I promise!" Which is an overdub (one of several in this scene). More than once, the young Hellboy's mouth visibly says something very different than is heard in the audio.

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Futurama: Bender's Game picture

Audio problem: When Mom goes to slap her kids after they fail to find Farnsworth, Fry and Leela, she slaps Walt but you don't hear it until she's halfway through slapping him. (00:47:30)

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Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs picture

Audio problem: When Leela says "I'm saving my neck for a rich handsome Dracula!" whilst being ambushed by Vivo, her mouth doesn't match what she's saying at the end of the sentence. (01:01:10)

Casual Person

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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor picture

Audio problem: During the final scene, when Mad Dog says "Evening girls! You're looking well!" and "Ooo! It's a fine night to be me!" his mouth isn't moving. They almost get away with it because his face is partially obscured for the first line, but you can still see that he isn't actually speaking.


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The Machine Girl picture

Audio problem: When Ami first gets her machine-gun arm and is blasting away at the teenage Ninjas (in red), when she blows a hole through the stomach of the second Ninja, you can hear one extra gun-shot after Ami stops firing her gun.

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The Incredible Hulk picture

Audio problem: When the general asks how Blonsky was doing, he doesn't open his mouth. (01:07:40)

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