Continuity mistake: When Fox and Wesley first jump off the building onto the moving train, Fox has on boots with heels, but when she lands on the top of the train, her boots are flats.

Continuity mistake: When Wesley receives the piece of cloth with Sloan's name on it, before he actually writes down the binary code on the glass table with the marker, you can see that its already written. But when he starts to write down the code, the table is clear again. (01:19:55 - 01:20:30)

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Fox is walking with Wesley, right before the train surfing scene, she has her hair down and flowy. Then in the next shot, her hair is in a ponytail.

Continuity mistake: When the red car lands after flipping over the limo, the front driver's side suspension and chassis collapse from the impact, but in the next shot, the car is intact again.

Continuity mistake: Fox tells the story about herself as a girl and she shows him the scar on her neck. Throughout the rest of the movie the scar doesn't appear anymore.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, Sloan is standing on the cross note (a trash can is right next to it), but there was no cross note and trash can before this scene. (01:37:20)

Audio problem: When Wesley first walks into the textile factory and sees Sloane talking to a worker, the first shot of Sloane shows his mouth moving and you hear him talking. In the very next close up shot of Sloane, you still hear his voice, but his lips aren't moving. He just turns his head towards the worker, then away.

Continuity mistake: When Wesley is in his father's apartment talking to the guy that brought him there, his hair goes from wild to laid down back to wild, throughout the conversation.

Continuity mistake: When Fox is driving the Corvette during the scene where the assassination in the limo takes place, the shifter and console seen are that of the Viper she was driving earlier in the movie, and not the Corvette she was driving in that scene.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Corvette goes head to head with Wesley's Mustang to flip over the limo and kill the target, while the Mustang flips in the middle of the air, it's going clockwise. But in the landing scene right after, it lands in a counter-clockwise movement. We actually see it landing while spinning clockwise, but the camera is now behind the car, which should reverse the way we see it spinning. For example, if you upturn a bicycle and spin its wheel clockwise, if you move around to the other side of the bike, it will now, from your new perspective, be spinning counter-clockwise. It's difficult to see as it happens very, very quickly, but it is very much noticeable that it lands while spinning in the opposite direction.

Plot hole: Just after the shootout in the grocery store, Wesley's dad nearly runs him over in the pet truck. Before this, it seemed as though he may have wanted to kill him, but he just hadn't gotten a clear shot. It's highly doubtful that he would have trusted Fox, his enemy, to swipe Wesley into the car literally one second before he would have been plowed by the truck. Being the best assassin in the entire Brotherhood, there's no reason to think that he could act careless at a time like this, especially when doing so could easily cost the life of his son.


Continuity mistake: When Wesley slices the Butcher's neck, the far angle shows that he cuts him on the left. But when the close-up comes, it's on the right side of the neck. And when Fox is beating Wesley up, as she punches him, the close-up of the brass knuckles shows them on her left hand when the wide scene showed the brass knuckles on her right hand.

Continuity mistake: After Wesley kisses Fox in his old apartment and sees his father and the bullets collide, Wesley chases his father up some stairs and starts shooting at his father/the screen with his left wrist under his right firing hand. When it shows him from behind he is holding the gun with two hands. When you see him from the front again he is holding the gun right over left hand again. (01:05:25)


Continuity mistake: In the final scene, there is no yellow X on the floor and there is no waste bin next to the stack of boxes when the shot is zooming in on the decoy in Wesley's seat. When the shot looks down at the floor, a waste bin and an "X" made of sticky notes has appeared.

Continuity mistake: Cross shoots his son in his left arm, close to the middle biceps area. When he is in the healing pool and he takes out the bullet, it is much higher and closer to the deltoids/shoulder. (01:06:00 - 01:08:00)

Continuity mistake: When Sloan demonstrates the concept of curving a bullet to Wesley, the bullet goes through the bottom left part of the bulls-eye. In the next shot showing the target again, the bullet hole is dead center. (00:40:40)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Wesley is chasing Cross on the train through the tunnels, where the back of the train falls off the bridge; the last car is shown exiting the tunnel, and about four seconds later, begins to slide off the track and pulls the second car with it. They cut back inside the train to show you people falling and screaming, and the next shot on the exterior of the train, you can see the last car is exiting the tunnel again, and the two cars ahead of it have fallen off and are what's beginning to pull the train off. (01:15:55 - 01:16:14)

Wesley: Want to hear something sad? I use an ergonomic keyboard to keep my repetitive stress injury in check. Just the fact that I repeat something enough that it causes me stress is fucking sad.

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Trivia: In the office at the end of the film a nameplate is visible on one of the cubicle walls. The nameplate reads "J.G Millar" which is a composite of writer Mark Millar and artist J.G. Jones, on whose comic the film is based.


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Question: Anyone want to explain the opening sequence? The guy was able to rocket himself through the window with apparently superhuman speed and reappear behind the shooter within a few seconds despite crashing several stories below. No superhuman abilities, other than absurdly good marksmanship and fast reflexes are stated during the film.

Answer: Pretty crazy to say that they have no supernatural abilities when the first thing shown in the film is that they do. Their reflexes, enhanced strength and speed, the ability to curve bullets (which is way beyond "absurdly good marksmanship") - all these are well into the superhuman class. Granted, the more extreme abilities aren't used that much in the film, but it's stated in the film that the individual performing those actions is one of their best. But it's all there - your assessment of their abilities is a long way below the mark.

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