The Medallion

Audio problem: When Snakehead grabs the medallion from Jackie, Jackie screams in pain. However, any Jackie Chan fan can hear that it isn't actually Jackie screaming. (01:05:25)

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Audio problem: When Jackie is chasing the black guy he runs across some bikes. You can hear bells ringing even though he is running on the seats. (00:30:25)

Audio problem: When Watson falls down the stairs in the holy temple it sounds like he is falling on several items on the floor. The sound of a bottle twirling on the floor can also be heard. When it cuts to them walking further we can see nothing on the floor that could have made such noise. (00:08:25)

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Audio problem: At one point in the movie Jackie flips over top of a table and says, "Sorry!", but his mouth isn't moving. (00:30:15)

Audio problem: When Giscard comes running while Snakehead is with Jai, Giscard shouts "It's the cops.", however his mouth still moves after the sentence. (00:11:55)

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