The Medallion

Other mistake: When Jackie meets the boss of the Interpol department in Ireland, he shows everyone some sketches, the child and then a man with a hat. If you watch the picture, it changes from a man with a hat to another man without a hat back to the man with the hat and once again back to the man without the hat. (00:22:10)

Other mistake: The girl finds out Jackie is alive but she can't hear the helicopter, which is right outside, until the guy punches through the window. (00:57:00)

Other mistake: One of the guys pulls out a rocket launcher and supposedly aims it at a ship, at one point in the movie. You can see that he isn't aiming it at the ship and the rocket still hits it. (00:16:45)

Other mistake: When Jackie throws the black guy in the garbage can a fish gets stuck in the guy's mouth. When he spits it out it curves and goes into garbage behind him (00:31:40)

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