The Medallion

Visible crew/equipment: Eddie Yang chases a black man, who gets on a ladder. The ladder starts to tip over and a part of the set comes on screen at the base of the ladder.


Visible crew/equipment: When Jackie and Nicole gets to Watson's front door you can see a crew member reflected in the door.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Nicole arrives at the hospital Jackie runs away hiding. When Nicole leaves we see Jackie looking through the door window. As he opens the door and leaves the room we can see a man just standing there. This for sure is no doctor of the hospital as he is wearing normal clothes. Also, why would he be standing there anyway? There has just been fired multiple shots. Wouldn't he be hiding? Also he isn't paying any attention to Jackie standing there.


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When Jackie meets the boss of the Interpol department in Ireland, he shows everyone some sketches, the child and then a man with a hat. If you watch the picture, it changes from a man with a hat to another man without a hat back to the man with the hat and once again back to the man without the hat.



This is the first movie Jackie Chan uses special effects for his fighting.