The Medallion

Corrected entry: When Jackie arrives at the Interpol headquarters he hands over some files to the secretary. At first she is holding a magazine in her left hand. When it cuts, it is suddenly gone. (00:20:15)

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Correction: The secretary is never holding a magazine, she has the paper that's on her desk in her hand. When Eddie hands her his paper she puts her paper down, which we see sitting on top of the folder on her desk.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film all cars have errors in license plates, In Ireland since 1992 all cars start off with last two digits of the car's year, county registered in and order registered in. Example: The first car registered in Dublin this year would be "05 D 1" the 922nd registered in Cork would be "05 C 922" I can't remember the exact format of the plates but remember it's factually incorrect.

Correction: You need to provide a specific example because all the plates I see have the correct format. 2-digit year of registration (new plates are only issued the year they're first registered, so "99" or "01" will be seen, they won't all have the same first 2-digits. Then we see "D" for Dublin followed by a 6-digit number, and all with the hyphens in the correct place.


Corrected entry: Eddie Yang got shot and stabbed several times in the hospital. Now, the medallion supposedly heals him, but does it also reconstruct clothes? Yang's robe should be full of holes.

Correction: Yes, it does reconstruct clothes. When Yang is stabbed, we see it do so.

Corrected entry: When Jackie gets shot he is barely hurt. When Watson punches him in the face he is in great pain.

Correction: When he's shot, he doesn't know yet that he'll heal, so he is more than likely too shocked to realize the pain. He has superhuman powers, not necessarily made of steel, so a physical strike WILL hurt. Plus, he doesn't show any indication of "great pain" other than rubbing his nose.

Corrected entry: Jackie blows a door off a car by touching it but this doesn't happen to almost anything else he touches.

Correction: If you watch the fight scene in the hospital Jackie Chan quickly pushes open a door and it goes flying off the hinges and hits a bad guy. It's reasonable to assume that when Jackie uses a little extra muscle that his super strength kicks in at the same time.

Corrected entry: Jackie gives Watson a urine pot and there is nothing in it. When Watson tips it, a shot or two later, liquid drains out of it.

Correction: You can hear the liquid splashing around in the pot. A small amount of liquid may be under the lip of the pot. The liquid drains out when Watson lowers the pot below camera.

Corrected entry: This is the first movie Jackie Chan dies in.

Correction: Jackie Chan died thirteen years ago in the 1990 'Huo shao dao', released in the US as 'Jackie Chan is The Prisoner':

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, an old man is seen using a crow bar to open the top of a crate. The camera angle changes abd you now see his hand slowly sliding the top away.

Correction: The old man uses the bar to break the seal of the box and then uses his hand to slide the lid off.

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