The Medallion

Deliberate mistake: When Jackie tries to avoid the Jamaican guy he jumps up to a higher deck. As we see him duck out of sight it takes him about 1 second to get to the other side and jump down there. However it's at least 40 feet to get to the other side. Jackie is usually fast but not that fast.


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Deliberate mistake: When Giscard jumps over the bikes you can see the bikes are stacked closed to each other. When Jackie 'runs' over them the distance between the bikes has increased. This was probably done to make the 'running' more natural looking.


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Deliberate mistake: At the pier when Watson parks the car he parks right next to a white van. When it cuts we can see Watson's car has moved a few feet away from the van so that it is possible to open the doors of his car.


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Deliberate mistake: After the curtain begins to burn, suddenly all the curtains are burning. This would only happen if all the curtains were lit individually. Only one of the curtains caught fire when Snakehead kicked the candleholder.


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When Jackie meets the boss of the Interpol department in Ireland, he shows everyone some sketches, the child and then a man with a hat. If you watch the picture, it changes from a man with a hat to another man without a hat back to the man with the hat and once again back to the man without the hat.



This is the first movie Jackie Chan uses special effects for his fighting.