Best movie audio problems of 2003

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The Lizzie McGuire Movie picture

Audio problem: When Lizzie is performing at the end of the movie at the awards show, at the part where we see her from the back facing the blue light, her voice sounds like it's changing. It seems like it's someone much older singing, or the synthesizer went wrong. It just obviously isn't Lizzie's voice anymore.

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Scary Movie 3 picture

Audio problem: When George is throwing up you can hear the vomit sound at the same time as he is spitting. (00:14:45)

Mortug Premium member
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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle picture

Audio problem: In the scene at the orphanage, when the boy runs down to the other boys reading the pornographic magazine, none of their mouths move when you hear "Look at those knockers".

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Darkness Falls picture

Audio problem: When Caitlin and Michael are under the bed, Caitlin says "Okay, maybe we should stay under the bed," but her mouth doesn't move.

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Alex and Emma picture

Audio problem: When Alex is trying to talk Emma into staying as they walk down the stairs in Alex's apartment building, Alex mouths something completely different from what is being said.

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The Room picture

Audio problem: Much of Johnny's dialog is dubbed in throughout the film, with his lips and dialog not quite matching. (This is due to actor/director Tommy Wiseau's thick accent making the original dialog sometimes hard to understand).

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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King picture

Audio problem: At the battle on the fields of Pelennor, before Legolas leaps onto the Mûmak, as he kills the Orcs audibly he shouts, "Fifteen! Sixteen!"; however, visually his lips do not. (02:12:05)

Super Grover Premium member
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The Barbarian Invasions picture

Audio problem: When Sebastian and Nathalie first come to Nathalie's heroin dealer, we hear the rain falling, yet when Nathalie steps on the street there is no sign of rain but we can still hear it.

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Freaky Friday picture

Audio problem: During the audition song when the drummer first looks at Anna wondering why she isn't playing, his sticking is out of synch with the drumming.

William Bergquist
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The Italian Job picture

Audio problem: When Mashkov's men grab Steve, you can hear him say "Come on, Charlie", but his lips aren't moving at all. (01:39:35)

Mortug Premium member
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The Matrix Reloaded picture

Audio problem: On the freeway when the Twin stops firing when the car goes behind a truck (shortly before he floats into the car), you can hear about 5 shots being fired by him after the muzzle flashes stop and the gun stops shaking. (01:22:15)

Jon Sandys Premium member
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American Wedding picture

Audio problem: When Stifler is driving his car away after he wrecked the flowers, he says, "Fu**ers, it's not my fault," but it's visible through the window that he's not saying anything.

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Peter Pan picture

Audio problem: Peter tells Wendy, John and Michael, "There are mermaids! Indians! Pirates!" We hear the children repeat, "Pirates!" but their mouths do not actually say it. (00:22:45)

Super Grover Premium member
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Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life picture

Audio problem: In the end of the movie, after Lara and the gang get in the Jeep, she drives off, turning sharply and you can hear the tires squeaking, as if they are on pavement.

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Open Water picture

Audio problem: When the couple is flying to their vacation destination, they are in a Turbo-Prop aircraft. The sound affect used was from a piston engined aircraft.

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Bruce Almighty picture

Audio problem: At the classy restaurant, watch the man playing the drums. The brushes that he's supposedly using to play the snare drum are an absurd 5-6 inches higher than the drum, making it obvious that he wasn't really playing, and that the music was dubbed in. (00:53:15)

Matty Blast
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X-Men 2 picture

Audio problem: Right before the jet fight, Logan asks Storm "How far are we?" He says this line in his natural Australian accent. (01:04:50)

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School of Rock picture

Audio problem: After Dewey and Miss Mullins go to the bar, Dewey is heard singing and snapping his fingers as he drives. However, you can see through the windshield that both of his hands are on the steering wheel and he is not snapping his fingers.

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Luther picture

Audio problem: During the wild boar hunt, they are interrupted by Aleander who says, "Prince Frederick of Saxony. He refuses to surrender Luther to you, Your Holiness," but nothing matches his lip movements. He utters a couple of syllables, at most, out of sync with the two full sentences heard in the movie. (English DVD version). (01:03:15)

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The Matrix Revolutions picture

Audio problem: As the trio break into the club, they take on some bouncers. One of them gets his gun turned on him by Trinity, pushed right into his chest - we hear two gunshots, with corresponding wounds, then a third shot which has no effect. (00:14:50)

Jon Sandys Premium member
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