Peter Pan

Audio problem: Peter tells Wendy, John and Michael, "There are mermaids! Indians! Pirates!" We hear the children repeat, "Pirates!" but their mouths do not actually say it.


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Audio problem: When trapped underwater in the net at the Black Castle, Peter pulls out his knife from his small leather sheath underwater and we hear a metallic rasping sound which it should not make since it isn't scraping metal.


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Audio problem: Aunt Millicent checks on the sleeping children and in the shot outside the bedroom we hear the sound of her closing the door. However when she is startled by her true shadow we see the bedroom door has been left ajar.


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Audio problem: Wendy is tied to the mast on the Jolly Roger when Hook forces her to tell a story. In the wide shot, the pirates start to find seats and Hook has his hand at Wendy's throat as we hear her begin, "There was a boy named Peter Pan," yet her mouth does not move. She continues to say off camera, "who decided not to grow up," and in the next shot Hook gets angry and tells her to skip the prologue.


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Hook: If I were you I'd give up!
Peter: If you were me... I'd be ugly!



Unable to make his shadow stick Peter is upset and when Wendy surprises him he zooms up to the ceiling and bangs his head. In this shot the light fixture hangs flush with the ceiling under a decorative medallion around the base. Later, when Peter floats to the ceiling after John says, "You offend reason sir" the fixture now hangs way down on a very long chain.



Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan) had to go through 6-7 months of flying practice before he could start "flying" in the film.