Peter Pan

Other mistake: When the pirates are thrown off the boat by Peter, after being kissed by Wendy, the splash is not heard and they cannot be seen in the water when Peter flies up into the air.


Other mistake: At the very end of the movie, Peter says "to hear stories about me" and we see Wendy and her eyes are moving as if watching him fly away, but when it cuts back to Peter he then starts to fly away.


Other mistake: When asking Wendy to be their mother, one of the twins asks, "Do you tell stories?" and Curly visibly mouths the word, "Stories," along with the twin, then goes on to say his own line, "Then you're perfect." (00:37:40)

Other mistake: When the Lost Boys spot the large white bird they argue about who gets the telescope. In the wide shot one of the twins slips and falls on the ground and looks directly at the camera with a puzzled look on his face. In the next close-up Tootles and especially Nibs start smirking, Nibs has to look down and away as Slightly says his lines and the other twin starts to look at the camera when the shot changes. (00:32:25)

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Other mistake: In the scene where Wendy admits to being Red-Handed Jill, Tootles says "Mother and Father are fighting again" and Curly is mouthing his lines.


Other mistake: After the lost boys put Wendy into the doorway of the treehouse for the first time, right after the one closing the door says, "So looking forward to being your son!": the lost boy right behind him turns, and pulls back his bowstring as if aiming, but has neglected to knock an arrow on the string. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, he turns toward the camera and makes a funny face. (00:38:15)

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Continuity mistake: Unable to make his shadow stick Peter is upset and when Wendy surprises him he zooms up to the ceiling and bangs his head. In this shot the light fixture hangs flush with the ceiling under a decorative medallion around the base. Later, when Peter floats to the ceiling after John says, "You offend reason sir" the fixture now hangs way down on a very long chain. (00:15:00 - 00:21:15)

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[Wendy arrives at the house.]
Peter: Welcome, mother! Discipline, that's what fathers believe in. We must spank the children immediately before they try to kill you again. In fact we should kill them.
[Yells and runs after the Lost Boys who scream and hide. Wendy stands between Peter and the Lost Boys.]
Wendy: Father! I agree that they are perfectly horrid but kill them and they'll think themselves important.
Lost Boys: So important!
Curly: And unique!
Wendy: I suggest something far more dreadful. Medicine! It's the most beastly, disgusting stuff, the sticky, sweet kind.
Lost Boys: Kill us! Please Peter!

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Trivia: Nana the Nurse Dog was actually played by three different dogs - in fact, they were all males playing a female. Whenever there is a close up of Nana, the dog you see is called Rebel.

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Question: Does anyone know the name of the song that is played on the ad for Peter Pan?

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