Peter Pan

Visible crew/equipment: Aboard the Jolly Roger after Smee jumps overboard, Peter flies up to catch his sword and a pirate who yells, "I got him!" grabs hold of Peter's ankle. When Peter flies off in the wide shot, as the pirate holds his leg, he passes the mast and not only are the four wires attached to Peter's backside pleasingly visible while he flies, the two wires at the pirate's shoulders are visible as well.


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Visible crew/equipment: At the Black Castle, Wendy, John, Michael and Tiger Lily jump down into Smee's boat. In the wide shot as they land in the boat, seen under John's gown at his backside is an outline of the square apparatus and Wendy's nightgown is gathered up and pulled at her back from the line that is attached for her descent.


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Visible crew/equipment: Upon seeing the children when they've returned home, Mr. Darling hugs John and Michael. As John turns his head to look at Wendy clearly reflected in both lenses of his eyeglasses are four-square studio lighting. This occurs numerous times, with different types of lighting equipment visible in both John's and Mr. Darling's eyeglasses, as well as other's eyes throughout the film.


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Hook: If I were you I'd give up!
Peter: If you were me... I'd be ugly!



Unable to make his shadow stick Peter is upset and when Wendy surprises him he zooms up to the ceiling and bangs his head. In this shot the light fixture hangs flush with the ceiling under a decorative medallion around the base. Later, when Peter floats to the ceiling after John says, "You offend reason sir" the fixture now hangs way down on a very long chain.



Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan) had to go through 6-7 months of flying practice before he could start "flying" in the film.