Freaky Friday

Audio problem: During the audition song when the drummer first looks at Anna wondering why she isn't playing, his sticking is out of synch with the drumming.

William Bergquist

Audio problem: When the band Pink Slip is performing their song at The House of Blues, near the beginning of the song, Anna's two band mates are looking at her and wondering why she isn't playing. Maddie (the lead singer) is looking at Anna and singing, but Peg (the other guitar player) is looking at Anna and not singing. However, in the song, you can hear someone singing a harmony note opposite the main melody. How could that happen if Peg wasn't singing?

Audio problem: When Anna and Tess go back to the Chinese restaurant to ask them about the fortune, Pei Pei calls her mother to them. When her mother responds to one question you can hear her talking but her mouth is no longer moving.

Audio problem: When Pink Slip are performing the song that is dominant in the film the chord the guitarists play during the whole song (except the chorus) is A major however the chord that can be heard is F5.

Anthony Ord

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Tess (in Anna's body): You pierced your navel?
Anna (in Tess' body): Yeah, I... meant to talk to you about that.
Tess (in Anna's body): When did you do this?
Anna (in Tess' body): At Maddie's cousin's sweet 16.
Tess (in Anna's body): Well, when you get your body back, it's grounded.



When Dr. Coleman wakes up in Anna's body, as Lindsey Lohan exits her room her bedroom door is still removed, but a few seconds after she runs out of the room after Harry the door has been re-attached.



Marc McClure, who plays the delivery driver named Boris actually played Anna's (she was then called Annabelle) crush, Boris, in the original "Freaky Friday" (1976).